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A Year of Journaling and Journeying

Around this time a year ago, I faced a fork stuck in the road.  To stay in my council home and attempt togo back to a full time teaching job; or continue counselling training, keep the pony and instead let my home go to the next person on the council homing list. Teaching had made me ill in the past, emotionally, which then manifested physically and forced me to stop.  My flat and this area now reminded me of losing my foster daughter; whom I have know all her life because she is also my niece.

My sister's journey in life was turbulent and her resilience was tested to the extreme. She became severely mentally ill after one trauma too many and eventually her daughter was removed from her arms one night by the police. Social services placed her 10 year old daughter with a stranger, whilst my sister ran away and became a missing person for many years, before finally being diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder and given the help she needed years ago. There was no father on the scene; he had been incarcerated for 15 years just after my niece was born. It took 10 months for my niece to come home to her family. Social services fought against me and looked through my past with a fine tooth comb. I had two medals for my country, having served in the Armed Forces, worked for two police forces and was at that time a secondary school teacher.

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Your journey of self-discovery

Many years ago when I was a Theosophist I was told by a well-meaning old man that I would be a healer. I only half listened to his comment because I never imagined for one minute that I would be... Read More

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How Journaling Helped Me Manifest a Life I Love.

I first got asked to start journaling at different personal growth seminars I went to.  Facing my fears, crying over past trauma, pushing through fears… easy… journaling was the WORST THING EVER.... Read More

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The Therapy Journal: A Novel

A psychotherapist, Becky Hoffman, has her own untold history of severe childhood trauma.  Lathsamy, Becky's client, as a child was enslaved for three years by a sex trafficking ring in Thailand.... Read More

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The Healing Power of Journaling

I have been journaling since I was a child.  I used to have this really pretty journal when I was a about 10 years old, which was pink and purple and had sparkles all over it.  The most important... Read More

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Finding Balance Through Journaling

I started journaling regularly in my early teens.  For me it was a chance to express what I had difficulty saying out loud - voice my questions about life, friendships, hopes and concerns one... Read More

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Courageous Journaling

Originally I began journaling as proof of my writing ambitions.  I was a young teen—maybe younger.  Marbled composition books, diaries with locks, and beautifully bound journals were cluttered... Read More

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Journaling—My Launching Pad to a Healthy Life

When I was seven, I made my own journal out of legal pad paper—a little book that sparked a passion forwriting down my thoughts, feelings and desires. E.M. Forster asks, “How do I know what I... Read More

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Information (Age) Overload? Grab a Journal and Write!

Most of us are now constantly overrun with information, and our minds are discovering the downside to the “information age.” It’s never been easier to get mentally foggy and enmeshed in our daily... Read More