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    Ease Life’s Transitions in 22 Days

    Kay Butzin

    My  Experiences with Ease Life's Transitions in 22 Days:

    Last October, two months after my 74th birthday and after living single for over twenty years, I listed my condo with a realtor in South Texas and moved to Northern Michigan to live with my partner Ron. At the same time, I won a self-paced journaling course from the CreateWriteNow store, and I chose a most apt title: Ease Life’s Transitions in 22 Days.

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    Love Your Body In 28 Days - A Review

    Renee Roberson


    My Review of Love Your Body In 28 Days Journaling Power Challenge

    While I recognize the benefits of journaling, I admit I’ve never been consistent about doing it. But when I got the chance to try out Mari’s “28 Days Love Your Body Journaling Power Challenge,” I was excited and optimistic. I knew I would probably have more success journaling if I had a clear set of directions to follow, which Mari is great about doing in her e-books.

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    How to Start Journaling For The Health Of It®

    Stephen Van Vugt

    My  Experiences with How to Start Journaling For The Health Of It® Write Now:

    I’ve been interested in journal writing since I was in my late teens because of its free expression, its help as a place to vent and get thoughts and feelings out of my head and on to the paper.  Journal writing helps me contemplate my life, my mind, and my creativity.

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    Discover how Journaling For The Health Of It® helps you with your Money, Health and Self Matters in our monthly problem solving columns.


    Self-Love Matters: The Wiley World of Self-Sabotage

    Billie Wade

    Self-sabotage can derail your most prized endeavors and set you up for devastating, life-altering failure, damaged or destroyed relationships, a decimated reputation, and contribute to low self-esteem, depression, and anxiety. Missed opportunities are the most common result. Just as stressful is the disappointment you may feel about a letdown of yourself and others. And, of course, the critical comments of others contribute to your discomfort and disillusionment. To overcome self-sabotage can feel ominous, like an insurmountable rockface. These patterns are breakable with practices you can use anytime with any task or project.

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    Health Matters: Whole Health Journaling Challenge Review

    Michelle Cornish

    I've journaled off and on for several years now, mostly at random times. As much as I've tried to make journaling a regular practice, it's more something that I lean on when I need to work things out with pen and paper. Completing the 24-day Whole Health Journaling Challenge has opened my eyes to the benefits of journaling regularly.

    During this challenge I experienced a deeper understanding of my own thoughts and feelings, improved mental clarity, enhanced self-awareness, greater insight into my relationships with others, and increased motivation to pursue my goals.

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    Health Matters: Journaling for Whole Health

    Stacy Fisher

    When you hear the words “whole health” what comes to mind? Healthy food? Physical fitness? Getting enough sleep?

    Whole health is just one of many terms used to describe your overall health and well-being. Wholeness implies that you are tending to your unique needs in a holistic way, giving each aspect of your life what it needs—physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc.—to keep you at your best.

    The problem is that most of us tend to our health in a fragmented way, only focusing on our needs when we’re suffering symptoms of an illness, strained relationships, or some other consequence of self-neglect.

    Instead of giving our health the attention it deserves, we put our needs to the side so we can support and manage the needs of others. That’s not inherently wrong or bad (especially for parents and caregivers who are in a particular season of life), but if we consistently shrug away our own needs, we’ll eventually run out of steam. And that means we aren’t able to show up for others the way we want to either.

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    Learn from real people, just like you, how Journaling For The Health Of It® will benefit your life. Within these personal stories you’ll find journaling tips, tricks, inspiration and ideas that will help you structure your journaling practice—and discover the true value that journaling can bring to your life.


    Embrace the Joy of Text and Harness the Power of Journaling

    Mari L. McCarthy

    You may have noticed that at CreateWriteNow, journaling is a big deal here, it's what we live and breathe. Occasionally we come across other resources we fell may be of benefit to our readers, todays article is focused on one of those resources. We firmly believe in the power of journaling, its health benefits, and joy it can bring, so when we find someone else professing the power of journaling we just have to share it with you.

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    5 Ways Daily Journaling Practices Help Establish Healthy Habits

    Roshelle Anderson

    Journaling can be a helpful way to self-address many areas in life. 

    Using a journal to write down your inner thoughts and feelings can not only help you acknowledge the world around you but also aid in the understanding of yourself, clearing the way for healthier habits.

    Whether you utilize a journal for self-expression, healing, fun, or to better understand the world, it is an inexpensive and easy way to get your thoughts in order.

    Here are five ways using a daily journal can help you kickstart healthy habits.

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    7 Activities to Get You Outdoors While Traveling

    Drew Dillon

    Are you wondering how you can plan a fun-filled vacation? Perhaps you’re trying to figure out thrilling outdoor activities you can engage in as you explore life beyond the skyscrapers, hoots, traffic, and offices. There is something magical about spending time outdoors as you travel. You get to experience different adventures that would have been impossible in the city. On top of that, you get to remain physically active, connect with nature, and experience a different side of life apart from the frantic work schedule.

    So, let’s explore some of the action-packed outdoor activities you can indulge in while traveling.

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    "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us."    

         ~Marianne Williamson


    In your customized Journaling Power™ Sessions with Mari, Create WriteNow's Founder,  you'll experience how Journaling For The Health Of It® heals your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual issues in your tissues and helps you create the happy, healthy life YOU want to live.

    Mari guides you in creating a Journaling Power Practice for you to overcome your stress, self-sabotage, negativity, page fright or whatever life challenges you're experiencing today. 

    Connect with Mari, the multi award-winning author of  Journaling Power, Heal Your Self With Journaling Power and Mindset Medicine: A Journaling Power Self-Love Book and discover how to use embodied journaling to write your way into the life of your dreams!


    I’ve always believed in Mari’s methods of self-care through journaling. Knowing her over the years, not only have I benefited from her books- but I have seen how it has helped her personally! She practices what she preaches. Highly recommend working with her—you will not be disappointed.
    - Wendy