Financial Freedom Journaling Challenge Workbook Review

Author - Billie Wade
Published - Oct 24, 2022 8:28:23 AM

Ask anyone what financial freedom means and you will receive as many different answers as there are people. But, while the definition is unique to everyone, there are some commonalities in perceptions and in ways to approach that lofty ideal. Financial Freedom Journaling Challenge lives up to its name. Do not let the word “challenge” scare you off. You got this.

Facing financial problems can be a daunting and time-intensive task of sorting and creating new, healthy behaviors to replace behaviors that do not serve your financial goals. You see, financial freedom is not just about money but about your relationship with money.

Financial Freedom Journaling Challenge is a 31-day roadmap to guide you to your financial goals. You will explore the frame of your financial picture. The program shows you how to create new, more positive thoughts and beliefs that improve your money relationship by helping you replace old, ineffective, and destructive habits with healthy ones.

Financial Freedom Journaling Challenge is a bold, straight-forward approach, and there is plenty to guide and support you throughout the 31-day, self-paced program. The program’s goal is to apply and adapt it to your life situation. Need more than one day to work with a concept or to practice a new skill? The program and your journal patiently await your return. Feel free to work through the thirty-one days consecutively or to skip around popcorn style.

There no “requirements,” but you can reap greater benefits if you are honest with yourself about your situation. You will get a more realistic picture of where you are, where you want to go, and then develop a practical plan that works for you. Try on a concept or practice, see how it applies—or does not—and adapt it to your use. Components not used may be set aside for later or ignored altogether. Have fun along the way. Enjoy the discoveries and insights as you explore your money relationship.

Each Day offers understandable concepts and clear, thoughtful exercises. Two to four questions prompt you, to help with your journaling process. You will undoubtedly arrive at some of your own questions as you go along. Try to let yourself be open to new ideas and approaches. They may seem small and inconsequential, but they can add up to significant differences. You might be surprised how much.

You will learn how your best friend for working through other life issues, your journal, can help you here, too. Day 1 even kickstarts your Financial Freedom Journaling Challenge journey with tips to get you started. Lack of journaling experience is not a problem. You will find journaling inexpensive, accessible, easy, and rewarding. And it is completely private, only for your eyes and those with whom you decide to share. For best results, you will want to work through the program with consistency which is more vital than form. Dedicate time each day for just you, your finances, and your journal. Use the materials for future reference to refresh your memory, try something new, or adjust your plan.

Still, there is a caveat: Financial Freedom Journaling Challenge is not for everyone for myriad reasons. Only you know what might work for you and how to best approach your situation. There are no “have tos” here.

This do-it-yourself program does not demand that you do so. You may want to discuss Financial Freedom Journaling Challenge and your circumstances and plan with a financial advisor, accountant, tax preparer, other financial professional, or a knowledgeable and trusted person in your life.

You will emerge from Financial Freedom Journaling Challenge much wiser about your finances and how to attain the financial freedom you seek. You can face your relationship with money with confidence and a solid, yet flexible, made-just-for-you plan. You might even stand up and cheer!

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of Financial Freedom Journaling Challenge and compensation for this review. The opinion expressed is my own.

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