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    Self-Awareness: How to Avoid Four Common Traps When Naming Your Emotions

    Kara McDuffee

    Self-awareness is our ability to identify our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. It’s all about understanding who we are and how we fit in the world. As such, it’s one of the most important elements in living a happy, healthy, purposeful life. Yet, most of us lack self-awareness. That’s because our human biology makes it incredibly tricky to be self-aware. 

    Fortunately, we can develop our self-awareness with practice. When armed with the right tools - knowledge, questions, and (of course) our journals - we can build our insight and reclaim the life we want. 

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    Self Matters: The Ultimate Guide to Intentions, Affirmations, and Mantras

    Billie Wade

    You most likely have heard of intentions, affirmations, and mantras. But what are they? What do they do? How can they help me? Are they interchangeable? What are the differences between them? How do they apply to my journaling practice and my life? How can I write my own?

    The most powerful advantage is they are written in your own words. While you may find suitable words and phrases on the internet, the impact of your own words is deeper and more meaningful. All three of these vehicles are fluid. They are guidelines and reminders of your goals. You may change them at a moment’s notice, several times, adjusting until the words are exactly what you want to live by now. Or you may keep one as the overarching guide for the remainder of your life. You have absolute freedom to discard them entirely if you so choose. So, let’s unpack them and look at their similarities and differences.

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    Health Matters: Calming Self-Care Strategies for Your Journaling Practice

    Stacy Fisher

    I love the stillness of the early morning hours. It’s quiet. It’s unhurried. And it gives me a chance to check in with myself within the pages of my journal before my to-do list commands my full attention. 

    Over the years, journaling has become a big part of my morning practice. Curled up on the couch with a hot cup of coffee in hand, my mind is free explore new possibilities for the future. But my morning practice has evolved to include more than just journaling. I’ve incorporated a variety of self-care practices, including meditation, yoga, deep breathing, and other strategies that help set the tone for my day. 

    My morning has changed the way I manage stress, and it’s something that I look forward to each day.

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    Learn from real people, just like you, how Journaling For The Health Of It® will benefit your life. Within these personal stories you’ll find journaling tips, tricks, inspiration and ideas that will help you structure your journaling practice—and discover the true value that journaling can bring to your life.


    Creating an Inspiring Journaling Space

    Frankie Wallace

    Journaling is a powerful tool. It can unleash creativity, develop writing styles, and aid with managing mental health. However, just like any other form of writing, if you want to get the most out of your journaling activities, it’s important to write in an area that is conducive to your needs. Nevertheless, the pandemic has left many individuals cut off from coffee shops and social settings, leaving them struggling to compose their thoughts in cramped and shared spaces on the homefront. 

    If you’ve found that your journaling has suffered due to the ongoing circumstances, don’t throw in the towel just yet. Here are a few suggestions to help you create a refreshing and inspiring journaling space right in your own home.

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    12 Famous Artist Signatures and Their Meanings

    Hana Rehman

    Handwriting analysis—also known as graphology—is controversial in the science world; however, the practice has strong historic roots and results in fascinating conclusions. 

    Developed in the 19th century, many did and still do believe that a person’s handwriting reveals something about their personality. Graphologists analyze everything from the size of letters to the degree and regularity of slanting, angularity, and curvature. They also consider the appearance of the writing and the pressure of pen on paper.

    While not all scientists agree on the validity of graphology, the practice is often used to assess child development, to give career advice, and for psychological analysis. In this post, we’ve looked at 12 famous artist signatures and interpreted their meanings using basic handwriting analysis.

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    Using Meditation and Journaling to Set Healthy Boundaries

    Will Williams

    For those of us on the path of self improvement, there is increasing awareness of the importance of setting healthy boundaries, and doing our best to overcome poor relationship patterns. And yet, even with this awareness, we still find ourselves struggling to embrace these essential concepts whilst subconscious impulses and inner child issues sabotage our efforts at making meaningful progress.

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    "I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become." - Carl Jung

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    I’ve always believed in Mari’s methods of self-care through journaling. Knowing her over the years, not only have I benefited from her books- but I have seen how it has helped her personally! She practices what she preaches. Highly recommend working with her—you will not be disappointed.
    - Wendy