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    Who am I?

    Cassie Journigan


    My Experiences with Who Am I?:

    In answering the who, perhaps you’ll uncover the why “I’m Nobody! Who are you? Are you – Nobody – too?” It may not be what reclusive poet Emily Dickenson meant when she wrote those lines, but I’ve always seen a child hiding behind her hands, hoping no one would see her.

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    15 Day Spiritual Journey

    Kay Butzin

    My  Experiences with 15 Day Spiritual Journey:

    I have been studying A Course in Miracles since 1996 and earlier this year read A Course of Love, a continuation of ACIM. When I finished, I accepted Mari’s Spirituality Journaling Challenge to help me digest the new material.

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    Start Journaling For The Health Of It®

    Stephen Van Vugt

    My  Experiences with Start Journaling For The Health Of It® Write Now:

    I’ve been interested in journal writing since I was in my late teens because of its free expression, its help as a place to vent and get thoughts and feelings out of my head and on to the paper.  Journal writing helps me contemplate my life, my mind, and my creativity.

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    Self-Awareness: When Is The Scarcity Mindset Pulling You From Happiness?

    Kara McDuffee

    Have you ever felt like you’re not enough of something? Or perhaps, that you don’t have enough of something?

    I’ll answer for you: you have. I know because it’s not merely a universal feeling we all have; it’s the way our human brains are wired. In fact, you probably experience both of these sentiments daily–even if you don’t realize that you do.

    If I reflect on my day, the examples begin to pile up. When I woke up, I worried I didn’t get enough sleep. Between meetings, I felt like there wasn’t enough time to get all the work done that I needed to. And when pursuing content by other creators, I couldn’t help but think, I’ll never be as good as them. Fear began to creep in at every turn.

    Now, try to imagine all of these singular thoughts as one all-encompassing mindset.

    Because that’s precisely what they are.

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    Self Matters: Chase Away Stress with the Joy of Acceptance

    Billie Wade

    Acceptance is the challenge of the day. While life always has an element of uncertainty, the unknown now seems amplified both in terms of quantity and duration in everyday life. We have adjusted, adapted, morphed, and pretzeled our minds and bodies in ways we had no way of imagining. Our global experience affects us deeply at a personal level. Our collective stress from the fear of relentless uncertainty is high. Acceptance can bring respite if we let it.

    Acceptance is the process of acknowledging the reality of an event or situation, the unadulterated version, what really happened. Acceptance helps create space for the energy to move forward. How we frame our experiences affects our response to them.

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    Health Matters: Body Positivity Journaling

    Stacy Fisher

    There’s no doubt about it: journaling is good for your health.

    Journaling is a deeply therapeutic and healing exercise, especially during life’s more challenging moments. Mari L. McCarthy’s book, Mindset Medicine, shines a bright light on what it’s like to love yourself unconditionally. She describes journaling as a process of uncovering the “issues in your tissues,” warts and all.

    Much like the self-love movement, body positivity has gained momentum in recent years. This movement challenges the way we’ve traditionally viewed health, rejecting the use of weight as the gold standard for measuring well-being.

    The article explores how body positivity journaling can improve your relationship with your body, and in turn improve your health

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    Learn from real people, just like you, how Journaling For The Health Of It® will benefit your life. Within these personal stories you’ll find journaling tips, tricks, inspiration and ideas that will help you structure your journaling practice—and discover the true value that journaling can bring to your life.


    5 Reasons Why Quizzes and other 'Games' Can Improve Your Mental Fortitude

    Sue Harper

    You’re doing great physically and mentally. In fact, you’ve conquered many of your major life goals. Quite an achievement, isn't it? Well, you have your brain to thank for that.

    Our brains do more than just help us think and store information. They dictate how we live our life. Think back to the last time you made a resolution, came close to bailing on it only for your brain to give you a reason not to. That’s mental fortitude in action. It isn’t something that everyone is naturally born with and it can be developed through certain games and exercises.

    Improving Mental Fortitude with Quizzes and Puzzles

    Want to develop mental toughness and fortitude? Better brain function can be enhanced with certain activities. One of the key ways to do so is through quizzes and puzzles. 

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    Grief Brings Gifts

    Margaret Meloni, Ph.D

    Being with the dying and going through your own cycle of grief is going to change you. It might surprise you to learn that this is a process that can bring you gifts if you are ready to receive them.


    After I reached a certain point in my journey, I felt ready to share my experiences. To open up about how it felt to be mourning my loved ones while watching how my loss impacted others around me. And then later, as my journey continued, I began to wonder how others dealt with their experiences with death and grief. And as a Buddhist, I was curious about Buddhist spiritual teachers. Was this easier for them? And what recommendations did they have for the rest of us? I reached out to several different teachers. And twelve of them responded. With open hearts, they shared their time and their wisdom. And it was through these discussions that I began to recognize the gifts that can come with grieving.

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    The Benefits Of Food Journaling: Why Keep A Food Diary?


    If you are trying to eat healthily and move towards healthier habits, you might consider keeping a food journal of your diet. Food diaries are common for those trying to lead a strict diet since they need to pay attention to what they eat for each of their meals daily. So, what benefits do you get when you keep a food diary? 

    A food diary is an organized way of keeping your meal details, i.e., the things you eat or drink daily. When you keep a food diary, you have the opportunity to have a better idea of the food you consume daily. It can help you or your doctor understand what you need to achieve a certain goal. 

    This article will help you understand what it means to keep a food diary and why this would be a good idea for your health. Once you learn how to keep a log of your meals, it will be easier for you to understand what you need to change to improve your dietary habits and achieve particular weight goals. 

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    "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us."          ~Marianne Williamson

    In your customized Journaling Power™ Sessions with Mari, Create WriteNow's Founder and Self-Management Mentor,  you'll experience how Journaling For The Health Of It® heals your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual issues in your tissues and helps you create the happy, healthy life YOU want to live.

    Mari guides you in creating a Journaling Power Practice for you to overcome your stress, self-sabotage, negativity and 

     Connect with Mari, the multi award-winning author of  Journaling Power and Heal Your Self With Journaling Power, and discover how to use therapeutic journaling to write your way into the life of your dreams!


    I’ve always believed in Mari’s methods of self-care through journaling. Knowing her over the years, not only have I benefited from her books- but I have seen how it has helped her personally! She practices what she preaches. Highly recommend working with her—you will not be disappointed.
    - Wendy