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    Who am I?

    Cassie Journigan


    My Experiences with Who Am I?:

    In answering the who, perhaps you’ll uncover the why “I’m Nobody! Who are you? Are you – Nobody – too?” It may not be what reclusive poet Emily Dickenson meant when she wrote those lines, but I’ve always seen a child hiding behind her hands, hoping no one would see her.

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    15 Day Spiritual Journey

    Kay Butzin

    My  Experiences with 15 Day Spiritual Journey:

    I have been studying A Course in Miracles since 1996 and earlier this year read A Course of Love, a continuation of ACIM. When I finished, I accepted Mari’s Spirituality Journaling Challenge to help me digest the new material.

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    Start Journaling For The Health Of It®

    Stephen Van Vugt

    My  Experiences with Start Journaling For The Health Of It® Write Now:

    I’ve been interested in journal writing since I was in my late teens because of its free expression, its help as a place to vent and get thoughts and feelings out of my head and on to the paper.  Journal writing helps me contemplate my life, my mind, and my creativity.

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    Discover how Journaling For The Health Of It® helps you with your Money, Health and Self Matters in our monthly problem solving columns.


    Self-Awareness: ABC's of Changing your Inner Dialogue

    Kara McDuffee

    How can your ABCs skyrocket your self-confidence and success?

    Have you ever beat yourself up over something you said? Or perhaps got extra critical of yourself because something turned out differently than you expected?

    Of course you have - you're human! We've all found ourselves lamenting over a poor decision or feeling ashamed of something we did. A voice in our head pops out at these inopportune times, and it's usually far from self-compassionate.

    You're probably familiar with this voice, also known as your Inner Critic. (You're also likely familiar with your Inner Critic. Mine tends to be quite vocal!) However, too many of us accept our Inner Critic as natural and expected. What we need to do, instead, is to question it.

    If we don't stop to question our Inner Critic, two primary issues result.

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    Self Matters: Tips for Reducing Holiday Stress

    Billie Wade

    The five-week mega-holiday begins with Christmas in July sales. However, the winter holiday season officially kicks into high gear with Thanksgiving Day in November. This time of year evokes as much joyful anticipation as dread. Sights, sounds, and smells—even traffic lights—seem festive. But the end of daylight savings time (DST) in most states means more hours of darkness at the same time weather conditions turn frigid and snow quickly turns to ice. We look out on bare trees and bushes, gray or white skies, and a stark absence of color. It seems all of nature is in hibernation except us. We get even busier.

    The holiday period carries different meanings for all of us. Many people will gather with family and friends they have not seen for almost two years. Some will see their toddler grandchildren, born a year and a half ago, in person for the first time. Others are still unable to be with loved ones. The excitement and pressure of preparing for the holidays may seem overwhelming. Getting through this emotionally-charged time with minimum distress can feel impossible as we try to make our way through the flurry of activity and maintain our emotional stability.

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    Health Matters: What to Include in a Food Journal

    Frankie Wallace

    Journaling has many purposes and many benefits. If you’re trying to be more mindful of your eating habits, starting a food journal is one of the best ways to keep track of things. It can hold you accountable for everything you eat. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, gain weight, or just maintain your overall physical health and wellness, a food journal is a great tool to dive into.

    The old saying “you are what you eat” rings true in many ways. The things you eat every day can impact more than your waistline. Your diet can affect your sleep health, your energy levels, and even your mood.

    Food diaries are often suggestions from doctors or nutritionists. But, you don’t have to wait for a medical professional to give you the green light on starting one.

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    Learn from real people, just like you, how Journaling For The Health Of It® will benefit your life. Within these personal stories you’ll find journaling tips, tricks, inspiration and ideas that will help you structure your journaling practice—and discover the true value that journaling can bring to your life.


    Share the Love of Journaling With Others in Your Life

    Frankie Wallace

    If you’ve recently gotten into journaling, we don’t have to tell you how wonderful it is. It might be a simple hobby, but it’s also an exciting one that can change your life for the better. In fact, it’s more than just a hobby – it’s a habit.

    Even if you’ve been journaling for a while, it never really gets old. That’s why up to 1 billion people around the globe keep regular diaries. They are appropriate and beneficial for almost any age, and it’s an easy habit to start whether you have a knack for writing or not.

    If journaling has benefited your life in some way, it only makes sense that you would want to share it with others in your life. Do you know someone who is struggling with their mental health? Think about how journaling could benefit them. Is a friend of yours overly stressed from work? How could journaling help them? Is your sister going through a major life change? Again, consider how having her write those things down might make things less overwhelming.


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    How to Calculate Your Fitness with a 6-Minute Walk Test

    Mariana Adam

    If you don't know what your limits are, you will never know how far you can go.

    The 6-minute walk test is a judgment test taken by your doctors to know your medical health condition.

    However, this assessment is also taken by gym trainers so that they can identify how much stamina you had to work out.

    Every person needs to take this test in order to know their health conditions.

    The good thing is that this test is simple, easy, and can be done by every person that can be identified to evaluate an individual's health.

    Doctors mostly take this test to know how effective the treatment can be if their patient has had surgery or any other medical treatment.

    Here in this article, we have explained this 6-minute walk test more in-depth for more clear concepts.

    Let's get started!

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    The 10 Best Websites for Learning Something New

    Andrew B. Mazur

    It's almost that time of the year when we make resolutions to bring positive change into our lives. Welcoming growth and embracing the newness is always both excelling and challenging. Whether you want to get fitter, learn a new language, gain a skill, or start traveling the world more, the websites that we will cover today have more to offer in a single place than any physical class could.

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    "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us."    

         ~Marianne Williamson


    In your customized Journaling Power™ Sessions with Mari, Create WriteNow's Founder,  you'll experience how Journaling For The Health Of It® heals your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual issues in your tissues and helps you create the happy, healthy life YOU want to live.

    Mari guides you in creating a Journaling Power Practice for you to overcome your stress, self-sabotage, negativity, page fright or whatever life challenges you're experiencing today. 

    Connect with Mari, the multi award-winning author of  Journaling Power, Heal Your Self With Journaling Power and Mindset Medicine: A Journaling Power Self-Love Book and discover how to use embodied journaling to write your way into the life of your dreams!


    I’ve always believed in Mari’s methods of self-care through journaling. Knowing her over the years, not only have I benefited from her books- but I have seen how it has helped her personally! She practices what she preaches. Highly recommend working with her—you will not be disappointed.
    - Wendy