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“If It Ain’t A Challenge, I Ain’t Interested”

Twenty-five years ago, I lost feeling and function in the right side of my body due to a Multiple Sclerosis symptom flare-up. The cocktail of BigPharma prescription drugs and specialist visits weren’t helping my health challenges. At All.

One day, a friend introduced me to “Morning Pages,” a journaling exercise from Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way. Morning Pages is a stream-of-conscious writing activity done first thing in the morning. The idea is to wake up and commit to your journal daily, writing three longhand pages of any thoughts and feelings that come into your head. At first, I viewed the exercise as solely physical therapy to teach myself how to write with my left hand. But I soon noticed how journaling eased my mental, emotional, and spiritual pains too!  I realized that Journaling was the personal growth tool that I needed to heal my diseases and create the life I wanted to live: A happy, healthy life that now includes being a professional singer and leading the CreateWriteNow Journaling Power Community.

Today, I teach health-conscious action-takers how to use Journaling For The Health Of It® to explore, embody, and express their True Self.

I’m the multi-award-winning author of Journaling Power: How To Create The Happy, Healthy Life You Want To Live; Heal Your Self With Journaling Power; and Mindset Medicine: A Journaling Power Self-Love Book.

I’ve also created 20+ Journaling Power Workbooks including, Who Am I?, Journal Magic For Writers, Take Control of Your Health, and How To Start Journaling For The Health Of It®. I hold individual Journaling Power Sessions with people who want to learn how to use Journaling For The Health Of It® to heal, grow and transform their life!


Thanks to Journaling For The Health Of It®️ I've rediscovered my desire to be a real singer. With lessons from New York Vocal Coaching and practice, practice, practice, I'm now a 5 octave vocal athlete and an accomplished recording artist.

“Gosh Mari, this is so beautiful. Pretty music to journal to. Your legacy grows! Thank you for being true to your craft.”
Janet Arnold

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