Mari L. McCarthy

International Best Selling Author: Journaling Power 

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Mari L. McCarthy is an inspiring interview guest who engages and enlightens audiences with her compelling personal story and extensive expertise on the life-changing power of journaling.

When you interview Mari, your audience will learn about the proven, transformative benefits of expressive writingbacked by decades of research and respected studies—including how it can be used to: 

  • Heal emotional wounds and lift the spirit
  • Ease physical pain and aid healing
  • Set and achieve personal and financial goals
  • Improve communication skills  
  • Strengthen interpersonal relationships

Herself a living testament to the power of journaling, Mari's story of how she overcame the debilitating effects of MS and transformed her own life to achieve success as both a business owner and international best-selling author has inspired and motivated audiences worldwide.  

Hire Mari L. McCarthy today for print, radio, podcast interviews to learn about her proven methods and discuss her world-renowned book, Journaling Power.


Sample Interview:

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Writing for the Health of It
with Mari L. McCarthy - hear Mari's interview with host Eric Michaelson on iHealth Radio - February 1, 2018. 

Listen now on iHealth Radio:

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Journaling Power: How to Create the Happy,
Healthy Life You Want to Live 
Journaling Power

"What makes this book all the more compelling is that Mari used journaling herself to relieve her symptoms of MS.

She reveals the full power of journaling, not only for people who have an illness, but for anyone who wants to unlock their personal creativity or find more meaning and purpose in their life."

~ David R Hamilton PhD -
   Author of 'How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body'


Interview the World's Leading Authority on Journaling

Mari's Story

Twenty years ago, Mari lost the feeling and function in the right side of her body.  Multiple Sclerosis (MS) took them from her. The doctors and their prescription drug routines didn’t help.  In fact, they made things worse!

So, Mari began a journey to take control of her health.  After doing some research, she discovered a writing therapy known as Journaling for the Health of It.

It wasn’t easy because Mari had to learn to write with her left hand!   But she dedicated herself to daily ACTION, and began a powerful journaling practice that for nearly 20 years has helped her:

  • Improve her health ...drastically
  • Ditch her prescription drug routine
  • Generate impressive business success
  • Create positive change in many areas of her life

Led by Mari L. McCarthy, the amazing power of journaling has moved from being an interesting “boutique” topic to a full-blown revolution!

Because of Mari, thousands of people around the globe have taken action, and committed to daily journaling practices that have helped them:

  • Wipe out limiting beliefs
  • Overcome debilitating illnesses
  • Beat alcoholism and addiction
  • Heal emotional wounds and create new life stories
  • Reverse chronic pain and stress
  • Eliminate negative behaviors
  • And more!

A quick look at the stories and testimonials from some of the thousands of followers on Mari’s Facebook page makes it clear that that journaling power is REAL!

If your audience wants to heal the issues in their tissues without taking prescription drugs or spending a fortune on “medical experts,” then having a conversation with Mari L. McCarthy is a must!     

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