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    9 Ways To Spread Kindness In This Digital Era

    At this day and age of COVID-19, spreading kindness, practicing altruism and living with compassion are as challenging as reaching for the moon. How do we achieve these despite the pandemic continuously building a significant amount of fear, worry and concern among individuals of different circumstances and conditions? Especially that quarantine made an impact on people’s usual activities, routines and livelihoods, we can certainly expect heightened levels of loneliness from isolation and other mental health issues. Despite these, kindness is still encouraged, altruism must still be fostered and compassion still needs to be reinforced.

    In a study cited in Mental Health UK (2020), kindness has positive benefits for our mental health and overall wellbeing. Being kind is linked to intensified feelings of happiness, wellbeing and life satisfaction. Doing good also makes us feel good and shows another side of us. This is the reason why oftentimes, people experience a sudden mood lift, called the helper’s high, after doing an act of kindness. In Baraz (2010), psychologists identified this is a typical state of euphoria by those engaged in charitable activities. It is based on the theory that giving actually produces endorphins in the brain hence the feeling of happiness

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