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Self Matters: How To Identify Stress And De-escalate It

We all experience stress in our lives. Jobs, home and family responsibilities, recreation, and hobbies vie for our time and attention. We settle into a routine of stress that keeps us going through our days. In the past six months, from the events in the world, to our country, to our communities, and to our personal lives, comfort zones have been challenged to maximum levels.  We may ask, “How did we get here?” “What can we do?” “Where can we find solace? Our senses and sensibilities may be overwhelmed to the point of emotional shutdown.

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Life Matters Blog | Journaling Journeys, Self Matters, Life Matters

Self Matters: Who Are You?

The first question people ask when greeting each other is, “How are you?” to which we respond in a number of ways given the situation and our relationship with the person involved. We are so...

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