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Mari's Journal Writing Power Blog

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Journal Power: Growing


Journal Power with CreateWriteNow

Is there something you want to grow? 

Circling to the Truth in Journaling


birds circling

by Cheryl Hulseapple

The Advantages of the First Novel


The Fourth Wall Cover

by Elizabeth Maria Naranjo 

Journal Power: Details Matter but the Big Picture Rules!


Journal Power with CreateWriteNow

I was thinking the other day about how journaling is exquisitely helpful for two things that represent opposite ends of a spectrum. 

Journal Power: Harmony at Home


Journal Power with CreateWriteNow

I’m sure many of you use journaling to keep an even keel when it comes to relationships in your household, with your family members or other housemates who probably know more about you than anyone else. 

Unwrapping Self: How Journaling Can Reunite You with Your Inner Child


Little Jenny Rose

by Jenny Beatrice

The Provocation of Journal Writing


handwriting brown napkin 3196109

by Jan Marquart LCSW CAS Author

Journal Power: What Is My Purpose?


Journal Power with CreateWriteNow

Often, a big part of depression is feeling a lack of direction and purpose. If this has become an issue for you, use journaling to better understand what's going on.

How to Write a Good Journal Entry


yvonne wells image

by Yvonne Wells

Journal Power: Letting Go of Insecurities


Journal Power with Mari L. McCarthy

We’ve talked a lot about fear in this blog. How you can use journal writing to gain control over it. At the request of a reader and fellow journal writer, today I’m approaching a cousin of fear: insecurity.

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