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Journal Power: Building Mindfulness for a Better Life


Journal Power with CreateWriteNow

The older I get, the more I’m convinced that most of my worries and fears originate in my own mind. And that means I should spend a whole lot less time obsessed with my thoughts in the sense of trying to figure things out.

Journaling and "Beloved Grotesques"



by Camille Sanzone

Journal Power: 7 Tips to Grow Your Intuition


Journal Power with CreateWriteNow

What is intuition? Wikipedia says it is “the ability to acquire knowledge without inference or the use of reason.” Most of us understand intuition as a sense of knowing something without having empirical proof of it.

Journal Power: Get a Grip on the Illusion of Control


Journal Power with CreateWriteNow

Consider the ways you can use your journal writing to reconcile your perfectly natural human longings and needs with the ridiculous lack of control we have as individuals in a vulnerable species on the Earth.

Journaling: Raise Me Up


Grus canadensis  British Columbia, Canada  parent feeding chick 8
by Waco Glennon

Sometimes when I have a moment of clarity during my day, I have this immediate follow up: ”Why are you just figuring this out now?” It is really one of the very few times when I worry about my age. “How could I be 48 and just learning this?”

Journal Power: The Fun of Curiosity


Journal Power with CreateWriteNow

What are you curious about? 

Journaling: My Forever Friend


best friend journal 6

by April M. Lee

Journal Power: Develop Jedi Inner Calm


JournalPower with CreateWriteNow

The Jedi operate from a place of calm. Most of us understand that this deep well of quiet is the source of their power.

Journaling As Healing Process


Orange Daylily

by Vanessa Kienoski

Journal Power: Gaining the Upper Hand Over Fear Forever


Journal Power with CreateWriteNow

I think it’s perfectly outrageous how powerful fear is in shaping our lives. When you look closely, so much of our time and so many of our actions are motivated merely by fear.

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