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Mari's Journal Writing Power Blog

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Journal Power: Losing Self-Loathing


Journal Power with CreateWriteNow

Does it happen with you sometimes? Are there times when you just don’t like yourself? When you feel like a big disappointment to yourself; like you can’t do anything right; like you’re a colossal waste of material?

Rites of Passage: The Adult Orphan


The Lyre and the Lambs

By Sydney Avey

Journal Power: Making Choices


Journal Power with CreatWriteNow

Sometimes it’s really hard to make a choice. 

Mari, I’ll Take Your Twenty-Seven Days, With a Twist, Please!



by Nathan Ohren

Journal Power: A Place for Rage


Journal Power with CreateWriteNow

Journal writing is a place where our most violent selves may have free expression.

Bringing Your Best Voice to Life in Memoir


Self and Soul

by Lorraine Ash

Journal Power: Working


Journal Power with CreateWriteNow

How do you feel about work? Do you talk about work in your journal writing? 

Journal Power: How to Conquer Boredom


Journal Power with CreateWriteNow

I love using journaling to dissect and analyze things. All kinds of things, like my friends, my fears, dreams, and experiences.

What You Can Learn From Kids About Writing a Journal


photo 32688 20140711

by Kelly Smith

Journal Power: Magnifying Joy


Journal Power with CreateWriteNow

I talk all the time in these Journal Power posts about using journaling to deal with problems, to grow and change. This week, though, let’s look at how you can journal write to magnify what is already joyful in your life. 

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