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Transform Your Life With Journaling!

Welcome to CreateWriteNow with Mari--Journaling for Self-Discovery and Personal Transformation!

We guide, inspire, and empower you to use journaling to make informed choices and take action to continually transform your life.  Whatever your current life challenges, daily journal writing helps you:

  • Know and understand yourself better
  • Manage life's situations--illness, stress, career change, relationships, money…
  • De-clutter your life
  • Improve your writing skills
  • Boost your creativity
  • Heal your mind & body
  • Accomplish your goals

And so much more!

Write Yourself To A Happy, Healthy Life

Every day, we add new experiences, joys, and fears into the storehouse of emotions within us.  By starting and sticking to a daily Journaling for the Health of It™ Practice, you release your emotional build-up and stresses, you enjoy more of today, and you make way for new, positive life experiences.

Journaling helps you clarify how you feel, improve communication with others, and reconnect with your true self.  It’s a celebration of who you are!

We help you create your own personal journaling practice to bring journal writing into your life in a way that works best for you.  There's only one way to keep a journal - your way!  Grab your pen and notebook and learn how to write a journal.  Your real life begins now!


van vugt s


"Mari's works are quite amazing and I'm enjoying all the products of hers I have purchased so far."  -  Stephen Van Vugt, singer, storyteller, and passionate journaler   



Jenny Beatrice

"I had been thinking about journaling for some time, but lacked the focus to get started. Mari's 27 Day Challenge gave me the structure to get pen to paper. On a deeper level, the progression of the themes each day helped me to recognize the patterns that keep me from being my best. Whether I wrote hundreds of words or jotted down a few sentences, each days' work brought me great insights. An unexpected bonus was the Facebook group for participants. Great to be on the journey with others!"  - Jenny Beatrice


conversationally crafty"I have had such marvelous results from using your Journaling Power Workbooks, Mari. One is clarity. I'm able to focus better on my goals and be more mindful of my day-to-day experiences."  - Conversationally Crafty


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