5 Lifehacks You Can Use To Create an Ultimate Vision for Your Destiny

Author - Mari L. McCarthy
Published - April 11, 2017

By Kimberley Martinez


Ultimate Vision for Your   Destiny.jpgEveryone has their own destiny and one has to simply just acknowledge it. Do you know what lies ahead of you? How do you define your future? Is it clear or vague? Do you picture it bright and promising? And are you steadily working towards that destiny? Below are some of the ways to better create an ultimate perspective for your destiny.

#1.  Imagine Your Future and Destiny

You can depend on other people when you want their help and opinions, but the most important person that could help you is you. You, on the other hand, is the only one who could stop you if you don’t want to acknowledge your destiny. To better have an access of your destiny, you have to allow yourself to imagine what your life would be as you chase your future along the way. It's like having a date with destiny. Ask yourself: "what does your future look like?", "what does it feel like?".

Fantasize how you want your life, your career, your family life, and any aspect, would go. Think about the things that you will be doing and ask yourself if those things make you happy and fulfilled. If you can do this, then you know that you are creating an ultimate vision of your destiny.

#2.  Measure What You Can Do

If you have plans in the future, re-evaluate yourself and ask whether or not to pursue them. Try to find out if these plans will help you fulfill the destiny that you want or not. Keep in mind that your destiny could only happen if you equip yourself to accomplish all the things that will lead you to it. Knowing yourself is very important. You can start discovering who you are and take steps to create the life you want to live by having self-awareness first. 

#3.  Discover The Things That You Could Do

Do you feel like you have talents that you haven’t discovered yet? If so, do not hesitate to find out what they are because they can help you define yourself more. Come up with a list of talents that you feel like you can do even if you aren’t trained to do them such as playing a musical instrument, public speaking, dancing, painting, etc. These skills will lead you to a set of opportunities that might give you a better destiny. If you discover them, you might be able to change route and pursue a future that may be brighter and more promising than the one that you planned.

#4.  Visualize Yourself Already Living Your Dreams

It is important to be positive and being positive means being optimistic about how your future would go. This habit is important since it will help you set your goals and get motivated to work hard in order to attain them. Take note that it is essential to work hard because goals should be fulfilled as soon as possible.

#5. Let Go Of Negative Thoughts and Embrace Positivity

Negative thoughts are absolute killers. They ruin what you have started and made you feel less inspired. To be able to have a clear vision about your destiny, stay away from negative thoughts and instead, only entertain the things that inspire you. Remind yourself every day about the positive things such as great compliments about yourself, etc. and post it somewhere visible in order for the positive vibes to remain.

If you feel like inner criticizing yourself about your flaws, immediately defuse them because they are negative thoughts, then remember the positive things like, “I may be weak in English but I am excellent in Math.” You don’t have to directly rebut positives in every negative but just try to focus on shifting negatives to a more appreciative tone. Over time, you will find out that you are closer to becoming who you are meant to be in the future.


Kimberley.jpgKimberley Martinez is a writer, blogger, traveler and personal development student.  She loves writing, traveling and networking with like-minded positive individuals.


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