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This eBook will discuss how to effectively handle all of these deeply personal questions and the technique for doing so.

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If you’re of a “certain age” you may be finding yourself dwelling on certain things. Perhaps you have regrets in your life or sense missed opportunities that all now seem more disappointing.

createwritenows-expert-guide-heroWhether you’re a woman or a man, experience and advancing age can cause you to ponder events, situations, and relationships a little more deeply.

Perhaps your thoughts are increasingly focused on passing time and even mortality. Life’s events and milestones – birthdays, graduations, career changes, marriages, births, divorces, empty nests, illnesses and deaths – seem to speed up and press down. Perhaps you’re experiencing uneasiness and having trouble making sense of it all. Where are you headed, and what does it all mean?

This eBook discusses how to effectively handle all of these deeply personal questions and the techniques for doing so. If life’s events are weighing you down and you feel as if you’re trapped in some kind of cycle of anxiety or even despair, this eBook will show you the tools you can use to break that cycle and achieve the happiness we all deserve.

Topics Covered:

  • Taking control of your life
  • The next generation of Therapeutic Journaling
  • Online journaling courses
  • Journaling Power: How to create the happy, healthy life you want to live
  • How to schedule personal power journaling sessions with Mari
  • Taking the next step in your journey to self-improvement
  • Life's Waiting

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