Stress Relief Tool – Journaling

    Pete Alexander June 10, 2019

    Journaling allows you to clarify your thoughts and feelings, providing you stress relief in the process.

    If you are feeling overwhelmed, you may need to just get it all out of your head. Journaling allows you to clarify your thoughts and feelings, thereby gaining valuable self-knowledge.

    It’s also a good problem-solving tool because, oftentimes, you can hash out a problem and come up with solutions more easily on paper.

    As a stress management and self-exploration tool, journaling works best when done consistently, but even occasional, sporadic journaling can be stress relieving, especially if it incorporates gratitude or emotional processing.1

    Journaling can also help you immediately before a stressful event like taking a test. In one study, students highly anxious about taking tests who wrote down their thoughts beforehand received an average grade of B+. They were compared with the highly anxious students who didn’t write and received an average grade of B-. Writing about their worries for 10 minutes before an upcoming exam leveled the playing field such that those students who usually got most anxious during exams were able to overcome their fears and perform up to their potential.2

    lighten-your-dayLIGHTEN Your Day book description:
    If you flip through this book you will see that there are hundreds of fast, effective, and easy tips and tools designed specifically to be used in the now. Why so many? Because you are unique, so there is no such thing as a one-size fits all tool for stress relief. What works for one person may not work for someone else.
    The intent of this book is that you keep it handy for whenever or wherever you need it: that important meeting/presentation, that difficult conversation you need to have, the multiple priorities all needing your attention right now, or anything else that stresses you out when sh*t happens. 

    If you just have a couple minutes to spare to get some quick-and-easy stress relief, this book is for you.



    Give journaling a try and see if it provides you with stress relief.

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