Unveil The Wounded Self--Write to Heal

Author - Mari L. McCarthy
Published - September 29, 2016

 by Jan Marquart LCSW Author

 unveil-womanwithumbrella2.jpgWriting is a way to uncover, discover, and recover the self. When we are impacted by a one-time trauma or many traumas over a life time, we can feel mentally fragmented and emotionally fragile. But there is no doubt that the human mind can heal and emotions can be realigned with renewed strength.

Unveil the Wounded Self – a Guided Journal for PTSD Sufferers is a 6-week guided course to help those suffering from trauma to put back the pieces of their lives so they can move in the direction of satisfaction and appreciation for the life they are living.

Studies show that writing what happened to you, expressing yourself through the ink of a pen, changes the brain and can have dramatic healing effects. Do not hesitate to keep a daily journal or write your stories.

I have designed Unveil the Wounded Self – a Guided Journal for PTSD Suffers so that three weeks allow you to get into the trauma and the next three weeks help you work out into the life you desire. This course has been taken by dozens of people since it was designed five years ago, now in book form so all the information is neatly organized to easily understand. Here are two testimonials from classes where I taught this 6-week writing process:

From the beginning, Jan’s class, which focused on moving through and beyond a difficult expe­rience, felt hopeful. With each writing we took another significant step toward deep healing. Jan brings to her teaching rich, relevant experiences from her own life and work, and she always was supportive and encouraging in her assignments and feedback. She shared with us valuable tools and resources to help us continue healing after the class is over.

—Susan, Texas

Jan Marquart’s class, Unveil the Wounded Self—Write to Heal, provided me with the opportu­nity to start writing honestly and in a loving atmosphere about my trauma. It came at the right time for me; the journaling exercises and the healing tools provided a strong and efficient back­ground which allowed me to put words on the unbearable and slowly but surely start embarking on my long healing journey. I highly recommend it.

—Sabrina, Bordeaux, France

Unveil the Wounded Self – a Guided Journal for PTSD Suffers can be purchased on Amazon.com or JanMarquart.com where you can see Jan’s other 21 published books.

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