How To Take A Self-Care Sunday To Reflect And Recharge

    Mona Freund August 18, 2021

    Few things are more important in life than tending to your own mental and physical health. After all, you have to nourish yourself so you can benefit others. Don’t buy into the myths that self-care is something you have to work for or that it’s a selfish act—we all need time to reflect and recharge every now and then. 

    After a long week or an eventful weekend, Sunday is the perfect day for rest and relaxation. Above all, Sunday is a great day for that much needed “me time” to help you decompress from the week, and get you in the right mindset for what’s to come.

    However, self-care is much more than just a relaxing, at-home facial and a cup of hot tea. While these things aid in the act of self-care, real self-care is about putting yourself first. By carving out one day a week to dedicate to yourself, you can introduce self-care into your Sunday routine.

    Here are three different ways to take a self-care Sunday to reflect, relax, and recharge for the week ahead.

    1: Emotional self-care

    Your mental health is important. That’s why taking some time to think and process your emotions at the end of the week can help shape your mindset for the week ahead. On Sundays, you can take the time to get in touch with your emotions and take some personal time to put your mental health first.

    Here’s how you can tend to your emotional health:

    Do a hobby

    Baking something, or participating in another hobby, can get your mind off of your life’s stressors in a productive way! This is also a great way to explore passions and experiment with activities to pass the time. Whether you’re picking up an old childhood pastime again or looking to try something new, a hobby can be a great addition to your self-care Sunday.

    Reach out for help

    You can also use your Sunday to reach out for professional help. Therapy can be an extremely valuable tool when it comes to your mental health. No matter if you're currently struggling, recovering, or simply need someone to talk to, therapy is a great way to put yourself first with some good ‘ol self-love. While not all therapists have availability on the weekends, there are plenty of telehealth alternatives that you can make use of when you feel like talking to someone on a Sunday.

    Gratitude journal

    On emotional self-care days, journaling can be an amazing way to process your emotions and remember the things you’re grateful for. Writing in a gratitude journal can give you the time to sort out what you’re feeling, deal with stress management, and setting your intentions for the week ahead. Above all, these gratitude journals can serve as a force of motivation as you move throughout your busy week.

    To help keep morale high in your life, and in your journal, you can include these inspirational printables to place throughout your gratitude journal. They also make for great reminders to love yourself when you pin them on your bathroom mirror or fridge!

    2: Social self-care

    For the extroverts out there, socializing can be a very rewarding form of self-care. After a busy week, you may have neglected the social aspects of your life a little more than you like. So, on Sundays, you’ll be able to get the socialization you need.

    Spend time with family

    The weekends are the time for relaxation and, in many cases, family time. If your family is nearby, perhaps plan a stress-free outing or bonding activity to do together. However, if your family doesn’t live in close proximity, remember that they're just a phone call away! On Sundays, you can dedicate the time to reaching out to family members over the phone, and continue to build relationships with those closest to you.

    Engage in physical touch

    There are a variety of love languages that a human can display. One of these love languages is physical touch, and it can be very beneficial as a self-care method. Physical touch can occur in many forms: it can be as simple as holding hands on a walk with your partner or cuddling up on the couch with your pet! If physical touch is your love language, incorporating some cuddle time into your Sunday routine can be amazing for your mental health.

    3: Physical self-care

    Most of the time, when we talk about self-care, the primary focus is on the more abstract, mental areas. However, physical self-care is just as important. Getting your blood pumping and heart rate up can be a fantastic addition to your self-care Sunday.

    Get active

    Being active can do wonders for your health. Not just physically, but emotionally as well! However, being active isn’t just about running marathons and lifting weights. You can be active and healthy by simply taking a walk out in nature or playing an active, hands-on game. By getting your heart rate up, you’ll have the opportunity to clear your mind while also being healthy and in shape.

    Take a nap

    Physical self-care is more than just being “active.” In actuality, getting some rest can be one of the best things for your health. By laying down and taking a nap, you’ll be clearing your conscience and catching up on all the rest you may have missed out on this week. Make your Sunday a lazy, self-care Sunday by simply unwinding, relaxing, and recharging.

    Self-care is essential. That’s why setting aside a designated day to explore it can benefit you in the long run. However, it takes more than one day per week to tend to your body’s and mind’s needs. 

    Sprinkle a bit of self-care throughout the week as well to reap the full benefits of this practice. Dedicate some time to your emotional, social, and physical health every day. Whether you go out for dinner with your family, write in your gratitude journal, or just take a nap, having some self-care time will help you live a happier and more balanced life.

    To remember these self-care tips, along with exploring others, pore over this infographic and get started on your self-care journey today!






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