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    How To Take A Self-Care Sunday To Reflect And Recharge

    Few things are more important in life than tending to your own mental and physical health. After all, you have to nourish yourself so you can benefit others. Don’t buy into the myths that self-care is something you have to work for or that it’s a selfish act—we all need time to reflect and recharge every now and then. 

    After a long week or an eventful weekend, Sunday is the perfect day for rest and relaxation. Above all, Sunday is a great day for that much needed “me time” to help you decompress from the week, and get you in the right mindset for what’s to come.

    However, self-care is much more than just a relaxing, at-home facial and a cup of hot tea. While these things aid in the act of self-care, real self-care is about putting yourself first. By carving out one day a week to dedicate to yourself, you can introduce self-care into your Sunday routine.

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