Detox Your Relationships This Valentine’s Day

    detox your relationships course
    Mari L. McCarthy February 13, 2019

    Valentine’s Day is a holiday focused on romantic relationships, but it can also be an opportunity for you to take stock of all the significant relationships in your life.

    Who you spend your time with – at home, at work, in your leisure time – has an enormous impact on your happiness and well-being. Supportive, healthy relationships bring out the best in you and help you get through rough patches. But unhealthy, toxic relationships hurt you and wear you down with negativity and pain. 

    It’s a hard truth that not all people are worthy of a place in your life. This Valentine’s Day, make self-care and personal growth a priority by taking steps to let go of harmful people, and nurture the connections that help you thrive. 

    About the Detox Your Relationships Course

    detox your relationships courseDetox Your Relationships is self-paced journaling course that will help you explore your most important relationships – past, present and future. In each chapter, you’ll focus on a specific theme – from how to strengthen your relationship with yourself, to how to choose the people you spend time with. By using journaling exercises and action steps to help you identify what you value, what you need and what you want to change in your relationships.

    Journaling can lead to dramatic personal development and growth, as it builds self-awareness, uncovers patterns and reveals hidden truths. Detox Your Relationships can help you if one or more of these goals is on your mind:

    • I want to be a better partner or friend
    • I want to break harmful patterns
    • I want to cut toxic people out of my life
    • I want to have better connections with my family
    • I want to accept not being in touch with my family
    • I want to forgive myself for the past
    • I want to forge healthy relationships in the future

    Give yourself a valuable gift this Valentine’s Day – one of self-respect, love and happiness.

    Learn more about the Detox Your Relationships course.

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