Journaling: Reconnect with Your Inner Coach

Author - Mari L. McCarthy
Published - July 13, 2010

Inner CoachWhen we are journaling, we sometimes have a tendency to focus on our inner critics, those pesky negative voices in our heads that try to talk us out of achieving our goals and dreams. The more we listen to our inner critics, the more we start to believe what they say. The best way to silence your inner critics is to nurture your inner coach – when he or she is cheering loudly for you and supporting you every step of the way, your critics will pipe down and know they’ve been beat.   

It’s time to start getting positive and reconnecting with your inner coach to help journal your way to health and wealth.

1.    Imagine that your inner coach is sitting next to you as you write in your journal. Base your image on a real person: perhaps a mentor or a sports coach who has had a significant influence on your life. Visualize that person’s face and hear his or her voice.

2.    Now think of an important goal you have on your mind at the moment. It can be anything from training for a half-marathon to getting a promotion at work. Write about this goal in your journal as if you are telling your inner coach about it. Why is it important to you? What exactly do you hope to achieve? How will you feel when you reach your goal?  

3.    Close your eyes and listen to what your inner coach has to say about your aspirations. Remember that your coach is 100 percent supportive and knows without a doubt you will succeed in your endeavors. Write down 10 encouraging statements from your inner coach. For example, if you are hoping to run a half-marathon, your coach might say:

•    Your body is strong and healthy.
•    Your coworker also wants to run this race; if you train with her, you’ll have more fun and stay motivated.
•    You will feel so energized and confident after you finish the race (and might be inspired to take on a full marathon next).
•    Training for this race sets a great example for your children on how to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

4.    While you are listening to your coach, a few of your inner critics might try to chime in with commentary of their own. This is normal; simply acknowledge their presence and dismiss them, focusing once more on the voice of your inner coach.

5.    When you are done writing, thank your coach and make another date to catch up soon. Write down the appointment on your calendar so you’re sure to keep it!

What real-life mentor do you imagine as your inner coach? How has this person made a difference in your life? 

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