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Journaling My Past Lives Awake

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Mari L. McCarthy May 6, 2014

By Joan Porte

Signs of the Tines by Joan PorteAs an evolutionary astrologer, I work as a cosmic GPS system reading where my clients’ souls are coming from karmically and what lessons are in store for them this time around. However, I recently learned how much more powerful this tool can be when coupled with journaling, especially when at the hands of the “master” Mari McCarthy.

In 2014-2015 we will experience four lunar eclipses, something that is rare in the universe. To an astrologer, a lunar eclipse is a time of new inner awakening –which brings forth what hides inside of us buried by time and pain. Where the lunar eclipse occurs in your birth chart indicates a huge potential growth opportunity. While on a call with Mari, she asked the simple question, “Ok where is the eclipse happening to you?” In a typical case of “the shoe maker’s child having no shoes,” I had been working so hard looking at my clients’ charts that I had been neglecting my own.

When I took the time to look at my chart, I groaned. The eclipses were occurring in my first and seventh houses – the houses that balance “me and we.” The first house is where we present our unique self to the world and the seventh is where we interact with people on an intimate basis. One of my big life lessons is the need to stop my co-dependent behavior. Now you know why I was so chagrined. The eclipse was calling me to examine an area of life that was very sensitive – it was opening a wound. Darn that universe!

Like clockwork, a few days before the eclipse started, an old family wound, caused in part by my past codependence, flared up. I sent up the Bat Signal – Mari help! Her advice was to journal – every day – three pages – let it rip.

The night of the first eclipse, I grabbed my trusty notebook and set to work. The old family hurts were not coming up – they were old news – I had worked them out. However, I kept writing 1 – 7, 1 -7, me and them – me and the world – me and being in the world. What happened next was an outpouring of information indicating that I was still holding fears about being “in the world” – when things go bad I prefer to cocoon too much instead of facing the world. (This comes from my South Node – past life indicator – being in Gemini in the ninth house. I was a road-warrior, a wandering preacher for a long time, many lives, probably suffering and dying on the road.) It was a fear block. A fear block that would never have come to light of the yes, I am going to say it, silvery moon (although it was a pink, blood moon) had I not been journaling.

I learned just how powerful it is to marry astrology and journaling and now have a new tool to give my clients’ as they continue their soul growth. I can’t wait to see what I learn in tomorrow’s journal entry and discover how I can use it to leap ahead in my astrological evolution!


Joan PorteJoan Porte is a karmic astrologer who teaches her clients about their past life benefits and blockages that need addressing in this life. She is also the author of Signs of the Tines: The Ultimate Astrological Cookbook. To order a karmic birth chart visit www.joansastrology.blogspot.com. Hear her twice a month as the Astrology Cook on webtalkradio.com. The Cookbook is available at www.signsofthetines.com and Amazon.