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Valerie do you Journal?

Valerie do you journal?

‘Not really, I tried it once or twice as my friend suggested it, but it just didn’t work for me.’

‘Oh, ok. You know your third energy centre is really blocked’.

‘Oh yes, no wonder. It’s been such a hard two years or more. This person almost destroyed my life. I was so devastated. We had planned our life together and I knew it, the minute I met his daughter, I knew it was over. She waltzed in and just slammed me with her eyes. I can’t blame him though. Of course he loves his daughter. It went from bad to worse. I felt so uncomfortable staying in his holiday house. I tried for a day or so to make it work but finally I mentioned it to him how she was so dismissive of me, and of course he couldn’t see it, and took her side. It blew into an argument and out of proportion. That was the beginning of the end and I just left the whole holiday early. It was downhill from there.’

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Mari's Journaling Power Blog | Journaling Journeys

Your journey of self-discovery

Many years ago when I was a Theosophist I was told by a well-meaning old man that I would be a healer. I only half listened to his comment because I never imagined for one minute that I would be... Read More