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Journaling Therapy.jpgMany years ago when I was a Theosophist I was told by a well-meaning old man that I would be a healer. I only half listened to his comment because I never imagined for one minute that I would be doing that, or have any skills to do that.  However Roland was my friend and I enjoyed many a meeting talking to him and his wife over a cuppa.

As time went by and I experienced many different jobs in the Business world, Insurance, Banking but never quite settling I still kept a keen hand on learning about herbs reading books by Dorothy Hall and Louise Hay.  Over the years the reading turned into numerous courses and working on myself with such things as meditation and empowerment workshops, as well as sitting at the feet of traditional Indian masters for many years.

It took many years for me to acknowledge that this old man in his passing comment may just have been a touch right, but even today I don’t think of myself as a healer.  It is true that I do run a vibrant clinic in Sydney, Australia and am qualified in naturopathy, nutrition, Reiki, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Counselling and Theta Healing and that I am an International Author, but when I sit in front of you all those would just be certificates on a wall if I did not listen to you and tune in to you as a person.

Like many therapists who wish to develop their skills it is important that we connect and that I can take all that book knowledge and integrate it with my intuition to formulate a direction for your health that not only fits with you, but will jolt you out of your comfort zone and propel you to be the empowered being that I know you can be.  As you sit there before me telling me all your limitations I can see your potential and it is important to use all the faculties I have to assist you in your forward journey.

Ian’s story

This is what I told Ian the day he sat nervously in my chair hoping to find a way to quieten his mind and get better sleep.  He had never been to a natural therapist before but 4 hours sleep a night, tossing and turning and having to wake the next day to perhaps go on the road in his job (he worked in a warehouse and sometimes had to also make deliveries), was enough for him to realise he could be a danger to himself and others.  Sleeping pills did not wear off by the next morning soon enough and made him too groggy.  The restlessness of his mind wore him out during the day.

As we sat there Ian relaxed a bit and began to tell me about his life. He was married with a little girl and his wife worked part time.  He was one of 3 children.  The middle child and as he became even more comfortable he told me his life had been pretty tough as a boy.  Mum was at work and dad away a lot. When dad was home it wasn’t great as dad was an angry man and nothing Ian did was any good.  He quite often used to get a whack across the head for being too noisy or whingeing too much.

It was half an hour into our session when Ian fell silent.  There was this huge break in our session and he looked away.  Out of the blue he softly told me how he was abused as a boy.  Not only by dad’s moods, but by the man next door who used to babysit the kids when the parents weren’t at home.  This went on for a few years before Ian simply refused to go there and told the man not to touch him.  I sensed the sadness and despair even then as Ian spoke.

Then Ian told me about his little sister, the fourth child who died accidentally running out onto the road on her bike.  The street was a quiet street.  It was just that one time this guy did a turn as he was lost.  He revved the car just as she went out onto the road and it was too late.  The guy could not stop.  Ian saw it all.  He felt he should have saved her, but it was too late.  Ian was seven.  The other kids were inside.  She had run off to go bike riding and he was after her out the door, but not fast enough.

By this time Ian’s mood had changed.  The energy in the room was low and solemn.  He stopped again and looked at me.  The tears welled in his eyes.  He told me that right now, just at that moment he realised how much his daughter looked like that little sister.  He had just realised it then.

Ian’s journey

Ian was 46. In 39 years the grief and trauma had stayed in his heart.  The grief for the mum and dad who had to work and the days of fun that could have been. The trauma of the man next door who abused him.  The grief and guilt of seeing his sister die.  That painful moment was a turning point for Ian.  In the few months after that not only did he sleep better but he developed many new patterns. Ian took to journaling.  He wrote about his sister, he wrote about his mum and dad, he wrote about the man next door.

Then he slowly found other things to write about.  Things he thought he had long let go which were embedded in his heart and mind.  When he finished with that he wrote about his wife whom he loved very much and about his daughter Annie and her cute smile.  Ian’s life became different with every therapy session and it was wonderful to see him grow emotionally as a man.  His life became filled with a sense of calmness, peace and joy.  He handled everything much better and resolved issues before they turned into baggage.

A tool kit

When people ask me why I do what I tell them is it’s because I have many people like Ian I can tell them about.  Some carrying more wounds, some less.  We all have wounds that need healing.  That is why I wrote my book “Stress-Free Health Management: A Natural Solution for Your Health” to empower people to have the tools to grow and advance in their journey.

The book contains short chapters with ways to assist you to change your life.  There are many natural methods to create positive patterns and help you let go of self-sabotage.  It is important to treat the body physically with natural supplements and healthy food, emotionally to remedy heartfelt pain, mentally to quieten the mind and relax as well as spiritually and energetically to clear your energy field and harness your goals and dreams.  This combination empowers you to make permanent changes and create a new life for yourself.

On a much larger scale, when I go into companies and assist management to implement holistic training for their staff they find their productivity increases, their staff begin to co-operate better as a team and a sense of loyalty and unity comes into the development of their company which makes it a great place to work.

Many people out there lack the tools of understanding and application of how to live the life they want. Most people know they want to be happy, be healthy, have healthy families but how to get that becomes another matter.  They just don’t know.  This is something I help them to discover.

This is what I do.

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Jenetta Haim, Therapist, Author, and Blogger runs Stressfree Management ® at 36 Gipps Road, Greystanes in Sydney and specialises in assisting your health and lifestyle in all areas by developing programs on either a corporate or personal level to suit your needs.

Jenetta has published a book called “Stress-Free Health Management, A Natural Solution for Your Health” available from your favourite bookstore or online. For more information and to get in touch, visit her website