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Valerie do you Journal?

Jenetta Haim January 6, 2023

Valerie do you journal?

‘Not really, I tried it once or twice as my friend suggested it, but it just didn’t work for me.’

‘Oh, ok. You know your third energy centre is really blocked’.

‘Oh yes, no wonder. It’s been such a hard two years or more. This person almost destroyed my life. I was so devastated. We had planned our life together and I knew it, the minute I met his daughter, I knew it was over. She waltzed in and just slammed me with her eyes. I can’t blame him though. Of course he loves his daughter. It went from bad to worse. I felt so uncomfortable staying in his holiday house. I tried for a day or so to make it work but finally I mentioned it to him how she was so dismissive of me, and of course he couldn’t see it, and took her side. It blew into an argument and out of proportion. That was the beginning of the end and I just left the whole holiday early. It was downhill from there.’

Valerie was here for a first time ever Reiki with me. She was awake and aware that she was out of balance, and stuck. Her life had been a roller coaster since they had split up after months of him emotionally and mentally abusing her. Emotionally, mentally – not physically thank goodness, but who knows how long verbal, emotional scars last, hey? Valerie’s session with me lasted longer than the normal. She opened her heart to me about her loneliness, sadness, anxiety and depression. It was a two year stint of abuse and one year now of her in recovery. Once or twice she mentioned how she had never married and too late for kids.

We talked about diet and self-care, colour healing and being grounded. Valerie began to realise this was not the standard clinic, nor the standard reiki. At one point she burst into tears. All her emotions were rising to the surface. She need to let go.

When I came to treating her feet to pull the energy down from her buzzing brain that had been exhausted by her ordeals, she started to be more positive. We began to talk about her moving forward in her life and how she wanted to explore new things. Perhaps a new job where she could express her passion for her career in a different way, and we started to explore what really was her passion. Out of the blue came, ‘I love to write. I used to write a lot, many years ago’.

‘Oh! Valerie, do you journal?’

‘Well I had a diary for some years where I wrote so many things down. Haven’t done that in ages. Maybe I should. They are probably still somewhere in the house’.

‘Oh Valerie you know, that’s a really good idea. What would you write about?’

‘Well, the future of course. I’d like to go overseas and explore Europe. Never been there. Maybe even go bushwalking. I’ve never tried that but would love to’.

‘Valerie, who would you go with?’

‘Well I really am more social a person you know? I spend way too much time alone. I guess it’s a habit I got into after the breakup.’ Valerie’s voice was sounding stronger by now.

‘Have you ever thought of joining a bushwalking group?’

‘Mmmmm….I think I will look into that. It’s time I started doing some new things’.

By now the reiki was over and we had moved to the consulting room again. I was writing down some notes on how the treatment went.

‘Definitely Valerie, what new things could you try, especially in terms of looking after yourself more?’

‘Well I like your suggestion about the meditation and I have joined the gym again. Also I do want to cut the coffee down and lose a few kilo. I need to be more open and get my feelings out. I hold too much inside.’

‘Valerie! That’s such a great start! How would you release all the things you hold inside so you can lighten your load a bit?’

‘Well, maybe I could write them down. Just to get them out of my system’.

‘Definitely. Buy a nice book with a nice cover and put the date. If you don’t feel like writing that day just write, ‘I don’t want to write today’ and see what comes. Let it flow. You may be surprised what comes out J

‘Ok, sounds good’.

‘Remember, it’s your journal. Private, for no one else’s eyes so feel free to go for it no matter what you want to say there’.

Valerie smiled, raised an eyebrow and a twinkle came in her eye. Our session was over. I knew I would never ask again, ‘Valerie, do you journal?’ Because she would.

Six months later: Valerie face booked me from Switzerland skiing on her European holiday with her travel group. She had lost the kilos and had moved into her own part time business. She was learning the violin, had joined an online meditation group and had met someone she was seeing weekly, for friendship she says – they met through a work colleague. She still came every other month for her reiki and naturopathic check up with me and Oh yes! Valerie certainly did journal.


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