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Here we share journaling tips and resources to help you explore the world of journaling through articles, books, workshops, blogs and more.  We are continuously adding new resources and tips to our list as we discover them, so please check back often!  

To get started with keeping your personal journal, you can read our tips on how to write a journal here.  We also recommend the following writer resources to anyone who wants help with either starting a journal, or maintaining an ongoing personal journaling practice:

For more information on keeping a personal journal, you can work directly with Mari!  Learn about private journal power workshops here!

Below, find more journaling tips to help you write now!


View our Journal Prompts pages for ideas to spark your journaling practice!


Journaling Tips from a Fellow Journaler:

I have been stuck on doing all kinds of things but writing. I have made all kinds of excuses why not so I started to ask myself why I do this and the answers surprised me. I said I do this to create a safe and loving space for myself and when I stop writing I lose sight of who I am and my ability to work through simple things become difficult. Journal Writing is the one place I can look at all parts of myself and allow whatever I need to say be okay. So I have started to write again and I start by asking questions of myself to stay engaged in the process. What a difference journaling makes even if all I do is pick it up and just say good morning, close my eyes and I am off. 

Ruth Glatt, Facebook Journal Winner September. 


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