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"Mari's coaching was invaluable.  She is truly inspiring...  I recently left a corporate career of 23 years and am in the process of transforming my life into something new and exciting and unknown. I look forward to working with Mari during my transformation!"
- Wanda Knapik

"...You have helped inspire me to become the person I know that I can be. Not to mention the fact that you have helped me overcome my writers block!"
- Heather Lea Nicholas Safko 

"One of the things that came out of a very enlightening one on one workshop with Mari is that I, like a lot of other people I'm sure, have lived the majority of my life by other people's expectations, other people's rules.  So I came up with a new slogan for myself: No Rules....I look forward to continuing my No Rules journey!"
- Sharon Netzley

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Do you want to begin Journaling, but you just don't know how to start?  Are you keeping a journal now, but your writing is inconsistent or you feel you should be getting more out of your jouraling than you do now?  Maybe you have already purchased one of my eBooks, but you can't seem to get started?

Starting a personal journal should be easy!  Really.  But, sometimes getting started can be tough.  And learning how to direct your writing in a way that lets you experience all the benefits journaling has to offer can be a challenge!  And even when you develop good journaling habits, you may run out of motivation or inspiration.  At other times your inner critic starts to win.  Your journaling gets left out for a day, then a week; before you know it, your journey of self-discovery is gathering dust in a drawer.

If you need a hand with your initial attempts, or you’re feeling stuck on how to continue or get more out of your journaling, a professional journaling coach can help!  I have been coaching individuals and groups on journaling best practices for almost two decades.  And my own experiences with journaling have helped me fine-tune the best approach for reaping the rewards of journling.

My personal coaching services guide you through the important steps to take to get your journaling up-and-running and keep it on track!  I'll also help you overcome self-criticism and become your own journaling coach!  Then you won't need me any more!

When you sign up for your private journaling session, we'll work together to design a journaling practice that fits you and your lifestyle so you can reap as much benefit from journal writing as I have.   I’ll inspire and support you to set goals, be responsible for your self-reflection, confront your fears, make decisions, and most importantly, take action

Are you ready to learn how to use journaling for your Personal Transformation & Health?  Sign up for your first session now and I’ll be in touch right away!

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