Who Are You? Next 7 Days Journaling Challenge Has Your Answers

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Who Are You? Next 7 Days Journaling Challenge Has Your Answers



Who Are You?journaling challenge

We've been talking a lot lately about using journaling for Self Discovery. Maybe it's time to stop talking and start doing!

Currently, we’re into a full 27 Day Self-Discovery Journaling Challenge. We’re only in week 2 and we’re experiencing innumerable epiphanies. Starting May 7 we’re doing the Who Are You? Self-Discovery Challenge: an action-packed, no-holds-barred seven days of journaling down to your core Self.

The Who Are You? 7 Day Self Discovery Journaling Challenge begins May 7 and runs through May 13. No cost for the workshop; just purchase the (waaayyy inexpensive, if I do say so myself) workbook.

Don't trust yourself to be faithful to a journaling process? Come on board anyway and you're very likely to get hooked.The seven days are focused on collecting large amounts of new information about your Self: your motivations, personality, fears, loves, and tons more.

The course begins with an orientation towards writing by hand, the write way to Journal. This may be a challenge in itself, for many of us. But writing by hand is a shorter route to Self understanding.

The week continues with exercises that open up Self awareness, including dealing with self-criticism and fears that keep us from Self knowledge. The seven days conclude with suggestions for next steps.

It's a lot to promise in a mere week, but that's the awesome power of journaling.

If you've done our Challenges before, you'll find this one is little different: certainly shorter, a bit more intense, and it includes some stimulating new exercises.

We're also hoping that the abbreviated time commitment required by this Challenge will attract newcomers to journaling. If you're reading this post and toying with the idea of keeping a journal; or if you know someone who might like to try it, now's your chance!

Here's what our past participants (diferent levels of journaling expertise) have to say about the 'Who Are You?' Journaling Challenge:

"I have followed your 7 days course of Journal writing and enjoyed it tremendously,
especially the little starters/samples. I have been journaling for years and never thought much about the focusing….That I learned from your mini course. Thanks."
                                                                                                                           ~Martina V

"What a boost to my writing confidence!After I completed my seventh journal entry, I made a copy of an old story and submitted it to a new contest." ~Kay B.

"I found this Who are you journaling challenge very beneficial for me and found out that I could let go of stuff that has been hanging round my neck for years dragging me down. I guess I am now onto the mature adult transistion in life. Lets see what happens from here on in. Thanks Mari. ~Carol J

Sign up for the Who Are You? 7 Days Self Discovery Challenge. C'mon, do your Self a favor!


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