My 27 Days of Journaling to Health and Happiness Experience


By Lisa Wells

IMG_20151001_202152222My negative self-talk gets its share fair of “air-time” as I write this response.  I kindly tell her we are not enemies, but allies in the writing process.  She stays quiet in the back of my head for the time being.  She wants to tell me that I’m not a writer and I journaled “wrong”.  That’s impossible.  There is no “wrong” way.  That’s what I want to say about these 27 days.  It’s all in what I put into the writing.  No “right” or “wrong”.  Just good reflecting on topics that mattered.  Some days I wrote for 5 minutes, and others, 30.  It was all good.  It all mattered.    I absolutely loved reading the little snippet before each day’s questions/prompts. The background story and experiences were intriguing to me.   I could relate to many, especially the body image day.  I really got in tune with how often I tense up my shoulders and tighten my belly when I’m under stressful situations.

I especially liked getting to know me better as I journaled.  The day where I returned to my inner child was fun. We talked about how I was such a collector as a child. From bottle caps to TV Guide covers.  I also remembered all the fun role playing I used to do, like playing an interior decorator or a stewardess.  I smiled as I wrote and felt alive again.  Play is so important to me because I NEED to get out of my hectic mommy, wife, teacher responsibility mode once in a while. 

I got sad while thinking back to my earliest childhood memories too.  Reflection can sometimes be painful, but it often puts ones current situation into perspective.  I recalled arguments between my dad and step-mom and how I was being put in the middle of it. I was so uncomfortable.  I wanted to run and hide.  But now, as I think of this memory, I can better understand why I avoid confrontation at all costs in my present life with my husband and boys.  Journaling does that for one.  It brings up many different emotions and opens doors to better self-awareness.  It’s freeing on so many levels.

The prompts that were provided in this 27 Day Course were right on.  They really triggered me to think deeply.  I am a natural born worrier and the day where I was asked to address my worries in 20 minutes was awesome.  I learned a lot about not being able to control half of the things I worry about.  And the ones I can control, I need to stop worrying so much over and take the baby step action plan steps that I created.    

 Overall, I really learned a lot about myself from this course.  I feel more at peace in my mind and body.  I felt a perception change inside of myself.  The prompts and exercises perfectly lead me to health and happiness.  Now I need to keep that momentum going… 


IMG_20150910_071214701_HDRI am a wife, mom of two boys, an elementary school teacher, a SoulCollage facilitator and a WRITER. ( I put that in all caps because it’s hard for me to call myself a writer when I “only” journal.  I’m coming to grips with the fact that YES, indeed that is a WRITER!) My passions include working with images and words.  You put those two together and I’m one happy camper!


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