Journaling: Stretch Your Creative Writing Muscles

    Mari L. McCarthy September 17, 2012


    creative writing stretchWhen we journal, we focus on being as truthful as we can in our writing. We work hard to open up about our thoughts, memories, goals and injuries, even though this path can sometimes be challenging or painful, because we know how rewarding honest journaling is.

    As beneficial as it is to explore your own experiences and emotions, sometimes you need to take a break to write purely for fun. Creative writing is a fun change of pace when you normally tend to write about autobiographical topics. It gives you a chance to be imaginative, satirical, dramatic or silly, and it is a good release for all of the fantastic ideas that cross your mind throughout the day.

    10 Minutes of Creative Writing

    You may not always have hours of free time to sit down and work on a novel, but even a 10-minute fiction break can boost your energy and encourage you to write more often. Take one of these creative writing ideas, set a timer for 10 minutes and get your pen moving!

    1. Dystopia vs. Utopia

    Imagine what the world will be like in 100 or even 1,000 years. Do you envision a bleak, unfriendly place where today’s problems have spiraled out of control, or do you have a more optimistic image of the future, where people have a better quality of life than they do now? Write about what your daily life would be like if you existed in this world.

    2. The Perfect Crime

    If you have ever stayed up into the wee hours of the morning to find out the ending of a thrilling mystery novel, you know the power of a “whodunit” story. Start your own suspenseful tale by setting the scene with a crime that has just been committed. What happened? Where did it take place? Who are the major players in this drama – the victims, the suspects, the friends and family?

    3. Love Story

    Indulge your inner romantic by crafting a love story worthy of Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy. What kind of person is each of the characters? Why are they perfect for each other? How do they meet, and what obstacles stand in their way of being together?

    Do you ever incorporate creative writing into your journaling? What do you most like to write about? Share your comments!

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