4 Summertime Nature Journaling Ideas

Author - Mari L. McCarthy
Published - August 13, 2012

summer journalingIn the heat of the summer, you might not spend as much time in nature as you do during other seasons. The long, hot days of June, July and August can be tiring at times, but they also offer a beautiful side of the natural world that’s available for a limited time only.

This summer, before the weather turns cool again, show your appreciation for the season through nature journaling. Here are a few different journaling exercises to get you started.

Nature Journaling Prompts for Summertime

1. Take a hike.

Hiking – whether it’s a tough trek up a mountain path or a leisurely stroll along the seaside – allows you to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. Pack a picnic, grab a friend and hit the trail early in the morning to beat the heat. Take regular breaks to drink water and write down your observations in your journal. What animals and plants do you see? What is the weather like? What kind of terrain surrounds you? What are the strongest sounds and smells?

2. Get out of town.

If you are taking a vacation this summer, incorporate nature journaling into your travel routine. Carry your journal with you and make notes as you visit new places. How is the landscape, climate, flora or fauna different from where you live? How would you describe the natural surroundings in a postcard to a friend? What do you like most? What would you change if you could?

3. Go on a night stroll.

If the weather is too extreme to allow for daytime journaling exercises, go for a nighttime walk instead for writing inspiration. How does the summer evening differ from a summer morning or afternoon? What sounds and smells come out at nightfall? Do you see any animals on your stroll? How do they react to you (and you to them)?

4. Record summer storms.

In some parts of the world, summer often brings dramatic thunderstorms. The next time the clouds roll in, take a seat inside near a window and write about what you see, hear, smell and feel. How does the sky change when a storm begins? Can you count how many seconds pass between seeing lightning and hearing thunder (every five seconds means the lightning struck approximately one mile away)? Do you feel excited, scared, energized?

How do you do your summer Journaling? Share with us in the comments below.

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