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Mari's Personal Journal: Optimal Health with Ambidextrous Morning Pages

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Mari L. McCarthy June 15, 2012

Every human being is the author of his own health or disease


Mari's Personal JournalYou’ve heard me talk about Morning Pages before and I‘m going to keep talking about them because they are the best way to start journaling, jumpstart your journaling and to help you achieve your goal of becoming your own Primary Care Provider (PCP).

What is a Primary Care Provider? To my way of thinking, Primary Care Provider means taking personal responsibility for our life: heath, wealth, well being. Responsibility for what medicine (this includes food though we often overlook the fact that food is medicine) we take into our being. By recording our thoughts, feelings and physical health challenges in our Morning Pages Journal daily, we can then decide what type of healthcare provider we need to help us heal.

By doing your daily Morning Pages using a different hand for each new page, you get to use your whole brain, and make discoveries and get questions answered much more quickly.  As our personal journal shows us our true self, intelligence and power, we can begin to show our medical doctors how they can become our healthcare partners.


Start becoming your own Primary Care Provider by getting curious and starting to question every processed thing you put into your body!  Pick a pill bottle out of your medicine cabinet. Grab your pen and your personal journal and interview the drug. Include your body in the session; listen to what it has to contribute.

Tell us about your meeting's outcome in the Comments below and your name goes into a drawing for a free Create WriteNow coffee/tea mug.


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Yesterday my friend Raymonde posted this health testimonial on Facebook: "Yesterday I suffered from a sore throat and earache: whether bacterial or viral, I got rid of it completely - yes, today it's All Gone! - with herbs only. No antibiotics, no OTC 'medicines' ... Just simple herbs that you can get in your backyard or in the wilds. LOVE Mother Nature!!!" Raymonde S. Johnson.   


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