Self-Improvement Journaling: Make May the Merry Month You Start!

    Mari L. McCarthy April 30, 2012

    journaling self improvementYour personal journal is the friend who is always there to listen, whether you’ve had a bad day or are trying to find answers to life’s tough questions. It is such a good listener that sometimes you might get into the habit of using it only for venting your frustration, therefore missing out on valuable opportunities to journal for growth and self-improvement.

    This month, make a conscious effort to be more aware of how you talk to your journal and how your writing style contributes to your health and happiness.

    Journaling Exercises for Self-Improvement

    1. Browse through your personal journal entries from the last few months. What themes, emotions and other trends do you notice as you read through them? What would you say is the primary reason you write in your journal? Does this purpose align with what you have been journaling about lately? Spend a few minutes jotting down your thoughts on a fresh page in your journal. For example:

    The primary reason I journal is for serenity and mental health. I do try to focus on gratitude and small blessings, but I also noticed a lot of frustration and negativity in my recent writing.

    2. Is there anything that surprised you when you reread your previous journal entries? Are there changes that you want to make in your approach to journal writing to support positive growth in your life? List the goals you want to focus on in the immediate future and come up with a few specific ways you can use your journal to support you as you work toward self-improvement. For example:

    I was surprised by how much I complain about my job. I’ve known for months that I want to find new work, but I haven’t taken any steps toward making a change. That’s my big priority for the next few weeks or months, and I’d like to journal about what job will be challenging and fulfilling for me.

    3. What challenges do you think you are most likely to encounter while journaling for self-improvement? How can you help yourself overcome them and stay focused on your goals? Be honest about where you might struggle and come up with solutions. For example:

    I tend to lose interest in new projects, especially if they are too vague. Maybe I can pick a weekly journaling theme related to my job search and use that to stay motivated and on track.

    How do you talk to your personal journal? I ask my Journal lots of questions and I'm doing oh so much better at listening.  Share your experiences and tips. We all could use the help, really!

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