Journal Therapy: What's Your "Wow Moment"?

    Mari L. McCarthy October 13, 2010

    Journal Therapy Wow Moments 

    There are certain moments in our lives that have a profound, transformative impact on us—witnessing a spectacular display of nature, meeting a charismatic kindred spirit, experiencing a spiritual or religious awakening, leaping head-first into a wild adventure. These “wow moments” knock the wind out of us, open our eyes to brand new worlds and change our perspective on life. They don’t happen every day, but their effects last for years.

    What is the most powerful “wow moment” you have experienced in your lifetime? Write about it and relive it as a positive journal therapy activity.

    1. Reflect on the most pivotal moments in your life. Which experiences can you truthfully say were life-changing in a positive way? Jot down a short list in your journal if it helps you sort through your thoughts. For example:

    • The first conversation I had with my future husband—I had never laughed so hard in my life
    • Skydiving—I was terrified but so exhilarated
    • The week-long silent retreat I went on alone—The transformation in me from the beginning of the week to the end was incredible
    • My trip to the Grand Canyon—Standing on the edge, I felt tiny and humble but also part of a much bigger world

    2. Read through your list and instinctively choose the event that was most important to you and your personal development. On a new page in your journal, tell the story of your “wow moment” as if you were recounting it to a close friend. Set the scene by describing all the details you can remember—where you were, who was with you, how old you were, what time of year it was, what you were wearing, what events led you to this point.

    3. Write about your pivotal moment, making sure to talk about your feelings before, during and after the event. For example, if you write about your skydiving experience, describe the butterflies in your stomach during the plane’s ascent and the thoughts running through your head right before you jumped. Write about what it was like to freefall and how your body felt once you were back on solid ground. Try to remember everything from how fast your heart was beating to what you yelled on your descent.

    4. Why was this a “wow moment” for you? What about it changed you? How did this event shape you into the person you are today? Write down your reflections underneath your narrative.

    Please share your own moment in the comments below!

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