Journaling Power: Build Self Confidence

Author - Mari L. McCarthy
Published - September 4, 2013

People often build self-confidence by learning a new skill, or by hanging out with others who make them feel good about themselves, or by spending time in a place that nurtures their sense of well-being. 

But few techniques are as powerful as journaling. Journal writing is a powerful and always accessible tool for building self-esteem. 

Here’s how you can put it to use. 

  1. Start with an all-out self-pity fest. Fill up as many journal pages as it takes to get out all the comments from your Inner Critic, that loud voice inside that constantly points out your weaknesses and berates your every move. Write down every gripe and insult, all the ways you believe you are inadequate or bad. 
  1. The next day, use a fresh page in your journal to write a detailed description of the person you want to be. Be careful you are picturing yourself as this ideal person, and not someone else; that is, keep it about you, not about your celebrity idol! 
  1. The next day, set a timer for a nice long writing session – maybe 15 or 20 minutes. Start writing and don’t stop until the timer buzzes. Write about all the positive things you can think of about you, your personality, and your life. If you run out of things to say, re-write the last phrase over and over until something new pops up. 
  1. Have a chat with your Inner Coach. Talk about your self-confidence and how you want to strengthen it. Remember that your Coach is entirely devoted to encouraging you. Write out your conversation.
  1. Every day, use the clarity that journaling brings to understand how you are every bit as wonderful and worthy as anyone else. Use your journal to examine your experiences without being defeated by them. 

A journal opens you up to a much more objective viewpoint; one that honors your personal value and place in the world.



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