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How to Keep a Travel Journal with Your Partner

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Mari L. McCarthy July 23, 2013

Aren’t experiences often better when they’re shared with someone special? If you are in a serious relationship, traveling together can be a meaningful way to grow, learn and explore together. 

Make a pledge with your partner to travel and see the sights you both have always wanted to see. Even if you can’t travel to faraway destinations regularly, set a goal to challenge yourselves in your daily, weekly, or monthly lives by doing an exciting and out-of-the-ordinary activity every so often. In addition to seeing and doing these wonderful things with your significant other, you should also write about it. Keeping a couple’s travel journal is a great way to enhance shared experiences, and it has the potential to become a meaningful keepsake. There are a few different ways you and your partner can go about this, so here are two journaling ideas to get you started.

A Travel Journal for Two   

1. Recount your experience in detail.

You and your partner should take turns writing in the travel journal. You both can write about every trip or activity, or you could take one trip and your partner could take the next one. It all depends on how you would like to record your journeys as a couple. One of the most direct ways to keep a travel journal is simply recounting the experience in as much detail as possible. This can be time-consuming, but it’s a valuable way to keep memories vivid (and you can pick and choose which aspects are the most important for you to focus on if you start feeling overwhelmed). Retelling your experience allows you to relive it through your words. 

Don’t just write about the experience; describe your relationship with your partner throughout the experience. Did you see him or her in a different light? Did you challenge each other? What were the highlights? What did you learn? When you look at your partner’s entry, you’re gaining a different perspective and more insight into his or her mind and outlook on life. Not to mention that you now have a documented record of where you’ve been, what you’ve seen, and how you felt doing those things. Awesome, right?

2. Do a trip collage.

If you’re more of a visual journaler, this might be a better journaling idea for you. Or you could do this option in addition to the first one. Make a trip collage in a journal with your partner. Collect tickets, pictures, brochures, or whatever else will accurately portray your trip or the activity. You and your significant other can even make captions under each collage item so that you better remember your experience. Having this visual representation of your trip gives you creative way to display all those mementos from your trip. 

Most of us live busy and active lives, so it’s often hard for us to step back and appreciate what’s going on around us. Journaling allows you to do just that, but keeping a travel journal takes that to another level. It lets you truly relish the moments of leisure and adventure; a couple’s travel journal will allow you and your partner to enjoy these memories for years to come.

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