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    How Journaling Helps Your Doctor

    It's no secret that journaling brings plenty of health benefits. It improves your memory, helps you navigate your emotions, and even enhances your writing prowess. These positives have spurred more and more people to pick up journaling as a habit. When bullet journaling rose in popularity in 2018, US consumers spent nearly $210 million on notebooks. Sales for pens, markers, and coloring materials also surged. No doubt, journaling is an experience that can be both fun and therapeutic. But did you know that your journal can also be helpful for your doctor?

    In the healthcare sector, data has become vital to patient care. It can provide a holistic picture of a patient's health, making it easier for doctors to propose treatment. The right data can also pinpoint existing risk factors, allowing patients to actively prevent future illness. In short, data can ensure that doctors are prescribing effective treatments and recommending the correct aftercare practices.

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