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    How to Prevent Healthcare Fraud and Abuse

    Healthcare fraud is costing Americans untold billion dollars per year. Committed thousands of times each day, it continues to grow in popularity. Rank novices and career criminals alike are relentless in attempting to milk honest taxpayers of healthcare benefits, making it impossible to quantify the full impact of this crime.

    If we consider that healthcare premiums and out-of-pocket expenses are now several times what they once were, everyone is a victim of this fraud. Besides, our coverages are lower than ever, and medicare continues to outperform its worst lows.

    As healthcare fraud continues to traverse our country like cancer, it makes a mockery of comprehensive efforts to improve healthcare. Even though policies exist to curtail its spread, it appears that taxpayers need to play a primary role to prevent healthcare fraud effectively. This article probes the significant issues in healthcare fraud and how anyone can avoid becoming a victim.

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