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    Who am I?

    In answering the who, perhaps you’ll uncover the why

    “I’m Nobody! Who are you?

    Are you – Nobody – too?”


    It may not be what reclusive poet Emily Dickenson meant when she wrote those lines, but I’ve always seen a child hiding behind her hands, hoping no one would see her. Dickenson meant to live her life beyond fame’s reach.

    I’ve spent much of my life hiding. Perhaps I was merely reticent; maybe I too wanted to escape the consequences of revealing my faults. But I no longer feel it necessary to live that way. I’d rather stand with the Apostle Matthew and put my candle on a stand for all to see.

    That’s how I came to pick up Mari McCarthy’s “Who am I?” course. I meant to check in with myself, to ensure I was not only answering my “who” but also being true to my “why.”

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    Mari's Journaling Power Blog | Journaling Journeys

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    Mari's Journaling Power Blog | Journaling Journeys

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