5 secret reasons how keeping a journal can make you a better person

    Author Bella Williams

    Life is becoming faster and more competitive each passing day. We are all struggling hard to be better as human beings and better at what we do professionally. The chase is real!

    We all get new ideas every day, we set new goals and want new things from life, each day. However, we fail in keeping those commitments to ourselves and people around us. Be it a deadline at work or the holiday you planned with your partner. Life gets in the way, that’s the hard truth. Doing things, we want or plan to, gets harder with each passing day. Then comes a point, when it seems easier to just get newer goals and plans and chuck the old ones. The cycle continues and nearly none of what we plan, we do. The old school, one day at a time, has become analog with the fast world I mentioned earlier. This becomes a major reason for frustration, depression and poor health in the long run.

    Have you realized, when there’s a difference between what you intended and what you are, it upsets you? It breaks you inside as if you were cheating yourself. We all wanted to be better versions of ourselves, to start with. Didn’t we?

    So what does it mean to be a better person?

    It means you being congruent to what you had desired and planned for yourself. The satisfaction you get from this achievement is incomparable. It makes you more at peace with your surroundings and yourself. And gradually, that shows positively in everything you say or do.

    So how do you become a better version of yourself, in the first place? The answer is, by knowing yourself like no one else does. Only then can you make the changes and set new rules for the modified you. Journaling as a habit has the power of self-discovery that has done wonders to eminent personalities in the past and present.

    Here are 5 ways keeping a journal can help you become the person you always aspired to be:

    1. Journaling can clear up your cluttered mind- Our minds capture too many things within the 18 hrs. or more we are awake. Subconsciously, it makes a note of everything it sees and hears. But, not everything is needed to be recorded. And this clutters your mind, leaving not much space for things that are of value. Writing a journal will help you make a note of things that have been significant throughout the day. It could be a meeting you want with your subordinates or a flower shop you make note of for your wife’s birthday. You are the best person to reason, which things were important and which weren’t. You can always refer back to your notes, as and when required. While you write, you also relate it to things in the past and future and plan accordingly.

    It’s extremely wise to put words to your important thoughts or ideas.

    1. Journaling makes you patient and disciplined-

    I say that out of personal experience, journaling as a regular habit has made me a lot calmer and patient. It might seem like a task when you start, but you see the benefits soon. It seems like too much after a 12 hr. shift at work, a couple of meetings with clients and a date with your partner. Just spending 15 or more minutes on it, will improve your efficiency gradually. You become more disciplined when your days are planned out and sorted. This is why you become more calm, as there is lesser chaos in your mind.

    1. Journaling improves your self-confidence and helps you find your voice-

    Us humans have the habit of either over or underestimating ourselves. Both can be equally dangerous for our growth. Just knowing what you want, can be very important in bringing that confidence. It becomes easier to talk to people about your ideas and goals because you have cleared the first self-conflict step by journaling. You seem more convincing to the people you interact with.

    My habit of journaling for over a year has taught me I have a very unique voice. I discovered it while I discussed things with my journal openly. It’s basically like having a very non-judgmental friend who helps you become better. I have realized my tone is very casual and becomes sarcastic at times. It says I use humor to discuss serious things that can be otherwise awkward.

    1. Journaling will help you keep track of things-

    It could be your monthly expenses or the number of drinks you keep track of. You make note, of anything that matters to you. But you tend to forget facts and numbers over time, like most of us. An organized journal becomes like a track record of everything that has mattered to you in the past. At times, reading about an old memory cheers you up in between a chaotic day. Whatever you write in your journal, stays with you permanently.

    1. Journaling will help you become a more creative person-

    There’s something about jotting down your thoughts, that makes it easier to articulate things. Once you start journaling honestly, you will gradually learn to write about things that you didn’t think mattered to you. You write your thoughts in ways you didn’t think you were capable of. It’s a gradual process, but you try to impress yourself with better articulation with each passing day. Because you strive to see better versions of yourself on print.

    My habit of journaling has made me a more sociable person. It’s easier to remember birthdays now. Journaling has helped me manage my life and diets even when I am travelling.

    Tell me, how journaling helped you in the comments section.


    Author Bella Williams

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    Bella Williams

    As a technology enthusiast, Bella contributes to open-source projects. She is also a Consultant and part time academic tutor at expertassignmenthelp and loves to write about students. When she not helping a student. She will be having a chocolate in different cities or taking a stroll down the beach. You can also find her on LinkedIn.


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