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What Stories Do You Tell Yourself?

Posted by Mari L. McCarthy on Wed, Mar 22, 2017 @ 05:08 PM

By Alison Laverty

alison_laverty_singapore (2).jpgHow do you maintain a connection to yourself and cut out the noise around you?


It is not easy to decipher where the noise comes from because every day we tell stories to ourselves. We blame others and the world around us for making our life miserable, yet it is we who really make up these stories in our mind.




It is that little voice in your head … and mine that chatters constantly nonstop.


What stories do you tell yourself?


When I was young, my stories were purely imagination. But when I integrated myself at school and saw how different I was from others, my stories changed.


“It’s hard! I’m afraid! I can’t do it! I’m not good enough!”


These were stories I told myself about myself by observing the world around me. In my home, at school, with relatives and friends.


How these stories are made up depends solely on how you were brought up in your early years.


For me I was born into a life of fear, always needing to prove my worth. I constantly felt that I wasn’t good enough. I witnessed and experience turbulence and violence in my home. No child should ever be exposed to such situations. Or should they? To learn and grow?


I AM who I AM

My childhood experiences scared me and wrecked my life. To survive and overcome this breakdown, I turned to journaling to quiet my mind and to express my feelings of sadness and grief. To find who I AM.


For many years, I have searched the world around me for answers to my deepest darkest questions. And often, I let my ego take over to control the stories I told myself, ignoring how I felt within me.


My journey to healing was a long hard road travelled, however, journaling showed me a pattern in my behaviour, through my words and actions. It gave me a place to start searching for answers and connecting to each piece of the puzzle in my life until I envisioned the full picture. To look within.


What I discovered, was a vast of pure magical energy, my innate gift and talents, everything I ever needed to live a fulfilled life was within me. It was through my experiences in life and taking time to journal that brought me on a path of self-discovery. Wow!


I was in my teens when I first started journaling and didn’t know what to write because my mind was too busy. So I wrote my thoughts. I rekindled all my actions and experiences into words and the imprints of my handwriting showed me a pattern in my life, what I had missed out during all the chaos. What I learnt is when I reacted to experiences in my external environment, it really is a trigger from something I had experienced in my past that impacted my memories.


I found this pattern from going back to my journals and reading them. It helped me change my thoughts and my life.


There are days when I just got stuck, fear paralysed me. And I could not write anything. There is nothing wrong with that. If you ever feel that way, simply take a deep breath and go with the flow. Don’t push too hard till you break. Surrender … and do whatever it takes to move on.


My journal gave evidence of what I needed to heal in my life from my traumatic childhood. And I learned to align my thoughts to listen to my deepest desires and to go through my emotions, to process without judgement, to quieten my mind, the inner critic and to connect to my true feelings.


When I focused and reflected on my actions and behaviour, I realised no one had control over them but me. So I chose to take action in my life to make things right.


I moved from always pleasing others to finding the truth of my identity. Who I AM.

You are worthy of a life full of hope and dreams with opportunities to experience the fullness of life and how it feels to be alive.


Journaling allowed me to pay attention to my deepest desires to heal my past. Through writing and releasing the energy of my past, I awakened my spirit of adventure.


My whole life changed as I wrote down my intentions to live the life I wanted to experience.

I looked into my future, created the life I wanted to live.


You have the ability to change your story anytime. Don’t live your life by default and accept what you get given. For you are the explorer on a journey to discover the person you were born to be.


Know this, you have everything you need to sustain life within you.


The world is a beautiful place and when you truly accept who you are, you see it reflected back into your life.



About Me

alison_laverty_sydney.jpgRaised in a turbulent environment, a teenager who contemplated suicide.  Aspired to be a rock singer like her favourite band, The Go Go’s, her only escape was her love of music. Shunned from a life she knew, Alison struggled to survive. Chronic illness and a traumatic near death experience led her into a journey of self-discovery.

Her story contains everyday lessons that need to be told - her tale of survival and triumph. Her struggles drove the creation of her memoir to share these lessons learnt.

Alison believes that the fight with zombies just got creative, because they are everywhere! She accepts that her weaknesses and fears are really hidden strengths and forgiveness first begins with self.

Alison Laverty is the writer of The Human Touch ~ A Story About Connections. She lives with her Aussie bloke and their two mischievous possums in Brisbane, the Sunshine State of Queensland, Australia.  http://www.photoshowondvd.com.au/alison-laverty/




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