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My Journal: A Cauldron of Creativity

Posted by Carol Ohmart-Behan on Tue, Jan 23, 2018 @ 07:30 AM

Answering Avalon's Call - The Mystical Odyssey of an Earth-Healer by Carol Ohmart Behan.pngFrom my first treasured faux-leather "Daily Diary" with its clasp and key that held my adolescent secrets (securely, I hoped!), to the present assortment of three or four notebooks "in use", journaling has held a central and beloved place in my life.  It's a many-decades love affair that's covered all the bases from dashed-off entries of life's dailiness, a place to practice my writer's craft, journals holding my dream-notes, ponderings on life's enigmas and challenges, and perhaps most powerfully, a valued companion of my spiritual odyssey.

I was blessed to grow up in a home with a mother who made time nearly every day to write in her own diary or notebooks, a many-volumed treasure now lovingly preserved in two large cartons.  Her example to me of how women were entitled to private reflective time is a priceless legacy.

Journals of my fifth decade trace the exciting evolution from dedicated diarist to claiming my Writer's Voice...to be able to confidently name myself as a Writer.  It was at times a daunting journey but invariably a fine, often exhilarating adventure.  With the help of several inspiring mentors and enthusiastic companions who, like me were dedicated students of the written-word, I focused on becoming a novelist.  Ten years and two practice-novels later (few of us have the option of being a full-time writer!), Point of Departure made its debut in 2002 followed in 2006 by Downstream. (Both available on Amazon)

During this marvelous blossoming of my novelist-self, a synergistic connection began to occur among journals I kept alongside my literary output of developing characters and narrative.  In one that I used to develop a certain character's voice, Angeline, I'd begun exploring a dialogue with her, much enjoying our lively written conversations.  In my then-Spirit Journal I reflected on what this "dialogue" might be beyond a purely literary exercise.  Following a tantalizing thread that eventually appeared through these journaled ponderings, this exploration became a sort of cross-fertilization of journal to journal.  A steadily deepening creative force was being fostered.  The sense of tapping into a certain magic lured me on.  Trusting the process unfolding, in time it led to my knowing this "character" was in truth my Past Life self, a healer and wise woman of sacred Avalon.

From there the path of her story...our story...took clearer and clearer shape.  In truth, if I'd known at that moment of epiphany just how long that journey would become with numerous puzzling distractions and not a little discouragement, I might not have "signed on" to the Adventure.  But happily I did!  Answering Avalon's Call: the Mystical Odyssey of an Earth-Healer made its publishing debut through O-Books (John Hunt Publishing) in May of 2017.  Details of the book and its availability are at my website, www.GoldenSpiralJourney.com or through Amazon.

In a recent conversation with my longtime writer-companion and spirited friend, Mari McCarthy, the Journaling Guru of CreateWriteNow, it struck me just how key my journaling practice had been for the birth of this book.  Our journals are Cauldrons of our Creativity, of that I have not a shadow of a doubt.  For those of you who invest time and energy with your own journals, know that it is a rich, nourishing, and at times, a truly sacred Practice.

Carol Ohmart-Behan - Author - on Journaling and creativity.jpgAuthor Bio

Carol Ohmart-Behan

Carol is a writer, Earth advocate, and teacher of Sacred Learning through Labyrinth and Pilgrimage.  Carol's rural-roots run deep and inform much of her work as a celebrant of Earth-honoring and Earth-healing ceremonies.
With lifelong devotion to teaching and spiritual questing, she is a way-shower to all who seek their own Sacred Path in both inner and outer worlds.  Visit her website to learn more:  www.GoldenSpiralJourney.com

Topics: journaling for writers, journaling for creativity

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