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Spring 2019: Becoming a Journal Gardener

After enduring Winter's overly-long stay here in this corner of the world, there is giddy rejoicing at April's much anticipated arrival with abundant sunshine at last and the stirring of new life. It is true that winter months provide extra writing time for devoted journalers with their short days and cold keeping us mostly indoors. Now, for those of us with green thumbs as well as ink-stained fingers, Spring's lengthening, warming days are stirring our Inner Gardener, conjuring visions of sprouting seedlings, perennials poking up greenery in our flower beds, and plans for the new gardening season. This year I've become mindful of the sweet parallels between journaling and gardening, two pursuits which feed my Soul. 

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Mari's Journaling Power Blog | Journaling Journeys

My Journal: A Cauldron of Creativity

From my first treasured faux-leather "Daily Diary" with its clasp and key that held my adolescent secrets (securely, I hoped!), to the present assortment of three or four notebooks "in use",... Read More