Benefits of Journaling

5 Perfect Reasons Why the Time to Journal is NOW!

Mari L. McCarthy’s work and extensive expertise has impacted and inspired thousands of people worldwide, confirming that journaling produces clear-cut life-changing results.

And remember, ANYONE can journal. In fact, the only right way to journal is YOUR way.

There are many reasons to start your journaling practice. If you’re looking for instant motivation, look no further than one or more of Mari’s top 5 reasons to journal.

Reason #1  
Reduce Stress - 
Writing about anger, sadness, and other painful emotions helps to release the intensity of these emotions. It promotes problem-solving and makes you feel calm. And, since stress is a major contributor to weight gain, chronic illness, insomnia, and loss of libido, journaling can radically shift your current reality.

Reason #2
Relieve Physical Pain - 
Recording the details of your pain can uncover contributors like side effects from medication, pain triggers, and emotional duress. Knowing these patterns can help you minimize or avoid pain altogether. In addition, the emotional and health improvements journaling provides works to naturally diminish pain. 

Reason #3
Heal Inner Conflicts - 
Writing about the ups and downs of your daily life can provide perspective and allow you to learn valuable lessons. Studies show that writing your thoughts down helps you release them and free yourself from any negative impact they may be having. Tossing the page you’ve written into the trash afterward can even signal your mind to toss away any limiting beliefs simultaneously.

Reason #4 - Improve Relationships

Writing about disagreements instead of stewing over them helps you understand others’ point of view. It also allows you to become clear about situations and people who are toxic to you, which leads to healthy, satisfying relationships.

Reason #5 - Boost Memory and Comprehension

Composing your thoughts and ideas causes the mind to engage in cognitive recall – strengthening the information and increasing your ability to remember. Exercises that involve cognitive recall have been shown to prevent or reduce the symptoms of diseases like Alzheimer’s.