383 and Counting Journal Writing Prompts, Tips and Inspiration to Jumpstart Your Daily, Pen-to-Page Journaling For The Health Of IT® Practice

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1. In your Journal, write the phrase "The Cure is here. The Healing has begun" and then freewrite, write, write away. When you're done, write about how you FEEL about this journaling experience!

2. Why does _____ drive me crazy? Journal on and see what the write answer is!

3. Pick a song. Use some of its lyrics to start a new journal entry. Or choose a song you love and write your own lyrics!

4. Write: 'Oh, I Could Never...' and be aware of what's going on in your body as you write. What is your body saying to you?

5. Wander all around a bookstore or library. Pick out and open any book. Wherever your eyes land, use that phrase as a journal entry starter and write, write, write! describe the image

6. Have a ten-minute free-writing huddle with your Inner Coach. Write down his/her words of wisdom. What did you learn?

7. Pick your favorite four-letter "F" word like Fate, Fear, Feel, Food, Find, Fuel or.... Write that word down after you've dated the page, then see what your Journal has to say!

8. Make Someone Happy. Pick a person (that includes you!) and write him/her a letter extolling his or her virtues and expressing your gratitude for what they bring to your world as your journal writing prompt.

9. Write down a question in your Journal. Then relax, take a deep breath and bring your question into a 4-5 minute meditation. Return to your Journal and write down the answers you come up with.

10. Make a TA DA List. Note your uniqueness, your talents, your mahvelousness dahling! Be sure you have enough journal pages. This will be a looong list!

journaling ideas song11. Bring your Inner Kid along to your next Journaling session and ask for some advice. Take notes, draw, and doodle. Have FUN!

12. What's your mom or dad's favorite saying? Use that to start today's journal entry.

13. Select a quote you love. Read it. Savor it. Make it your journal writing prompt for today!

14. Choose a favorite quote. Meditate (sitting or moving) on it for a few, then write about it in your journal. Read your entry. What's going on in YOUR body?

15. Look over your WORD program files titles. When something catches your eye, use it to jumpstart your Journal today.

16. Happy Everyday Holidays! Take some time (you name it: one page, ten minutes...) first thing this holiday morn and give thanks for you and your gifts.

17. Listen to a 20th Century Christmas Carol and journal about its lyrics, your feelings, your memories.  

18. Ho! Ho! Ho! Write in your Journal what it's like to be an Elf and get to work with Santa 24/7/365.journaling ideas for christmas

19. Buy a journal and give it to someone, let them write in it and give it back to you. This will give u a lot to write about. - Amaris Autry.

20. "I keep my journal in the same comfy spot. I leave it open to a blank page with the pen on top so that when I get home it invites me to curl up with it and write." - Wendy (www.snixysnix.com)

21. "Challenges are Opportunities requesting Action." - Mari (www.CreateWriteNow.com)

22. Sit down with your Journal. Take several breaths. Have a conversation with your body. Let him/her write a monologue if it wants.  Be your own journal writing prompt!

23. Take yourself on an Artist's Date---visit a new place to see what journal writing ideas await!

24. "The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself." - Anna Quindlen

journaling ideas journal25. "I spoil myself by buying the most beautiful, appealing journal I can find - the one with the high quality paper (preferably with no lines). I buy colored ink cartridges for my fountain pen (helps the writing flow). I believe my inner voice deserves a beautiful stage from which to sing!" -  Joanna (www.wisdomwithinink.com )

26. Change partners: Use an unlined journal, another type or colored pen, write with your other hand, journal with your eyes closed, print your entry.

27. When you think you are done writing, keep going. This is where you will discover what you are looking for. The pearls are beyond what is visible to us. Shoot for the unknown. Feel fragile & be brave.  - Nan (@Inspiredjournal)

28. Dream. Envision. Imagine. Create. Get to the page, great things await!

29. Write in a Journal for 30 days. Then put the Journal away for another 30 days. After that time has passed, pull out the journaling ideas road signJournal and read it. You will no doubt learn at least 30 things about yourself. Things that you like and things you need to improve on! And some journaling ideas! - Steph (www.diviacity.com)

30. Take a look at yourself in the mirror. What interests you? Take that curiosity to the page and write about those luscious lips, those special smiles, those Betty Davis eyes.

31. Get out your journal notebook and drain the swamp as fast as you can.  Set a timer and see how many pages you do in 10, 20 or 30 minutes. Keep the water bottle at the ready.

32. "Penning down feelings like 'I don't feel like writing or don't know what to write'... Let your mind get rid of that block first - a gradual process but it works!" - Preet

33. "If I write about anything that is bothering me, as in an underlying issue, in my journal, it helps to free up my mind to write other things. Sometimes I'll write an essay or story concerning that underlying issue which is an automatic writer's block eliminator." - Dawn (www.dawnherring.net)

journaling ideas - journals34. Paste a picture in your journal and write down the words that you see, hear, smell, touch and taste from it.  You can use almost any photo as a journal writing prompt!

35. What relationship would you like to improve? Have a heart-to-heart with your Self or your Inner Critic or your Blank Page.

36. Go through the events of the previous day and reflect about them. - Robert Firestone

37. Name names. Pick your favorite word and use it as a Journaling "Topic Sentence."

38. Vincent Van Gogh said, "If you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint', then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced."  What is your 'you cannot ____' voice always ragging on you about?  Work with your can do Journal and go for it! Having doubts? Write it out!

39. Journaling creates space for __?____

40. Feng Shui your Self. Work with your Journal, trash all the crazy crap. Spread your wings and soar!

41. Make note of the Lunar cycle, especially the Full and New Moon, both are powerful days to journal. Writing literally in the Full Moon's light (maybe with other subdued light) will be magical, guaranteed! - Carol Ohmart Behan www.goldenspiraljourney.com

42. In the margin of your journal add a journaling tips - relaxationsubject tag (for example 'work' or 'friends'). You'll be able to review your entire journal and get a feel for recurrent themes (those things that always get under your skin!) and easily find all your thoughts on a particular topic later for use in another journal, blog or writing project. - Kim White http://www.bristolstrategy.com

43. When in Pout or having Doubts, just sit down and Write it Out!

44. Take your Journal with you to the Missing Persons Bureau. Locate your "imaginary" friend(s) and bring them home to play.

45. What one word describes how you're feeling today? Look up its definition in your Journal.

46. One of the questions that I ask myself often in my journal is 'what really matters most to me?' I find this question helps me to really connect into my heart space and get clear on what really is most important to me. This helps me to live my life in the awareness of the values closest to my heart. 
Soli Goodes http://www.journaljunky.com.au/

47. Having trouble journaling regularly, consistently, preferably daily?
Well then use your imagination's journal writing tools: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DaMYSvy3ths 

journaling ideas - wedding48. Start with "What's on my mind right now?" Write, without taking your pen from the page, until you've purged your thoughts.

49. Begin with "If I had X in my life, I would be happy."  Now write a page in your journal that describes a day in your life with X ($500,000, or a perfectly matched partner, for example) in your life, and how it makes you happy. Focus on the feeling you get knowing that you have the thing you want.

50.Tell your Journal what you want to say, then take up with some colored pencils and doodle away!

51. Tired? Frustrated? What's the deal? Well, start Journaling with "Today, I don't feel like writing because..."

52. What's your life's theme song today?  Sing it for your Journal in any key you'd like.

53. Habeas Corpus: Meditate for a few. Breathe and tune into your bodily pains. Then, in your journal, have an adult dialogue (no whining) with your biggest pain, be it in the butt or wherever it sits.

54. Progress report. Get a favorite pic of yourself and ask the journaling ideas - road signWise One for positive feedback. Take lots and lots of notes.

55. Fill in the blank: Journaling gives you the write to...

56. Thank your Mother for her wit, wisdom and whatevers. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjJ6UbdKBgg

57. He said, "I would do anything for love but I won't do that." What would (or wouldn't) you do for love? Write away.

58. In the rearview mirror of the encrusted Dodge Coronet, the moon eased away from the clutches of the clouds and ___________ .

59. Dump only delightful data into your Journal.  You can do it!  Yes you can!  Think of something that always makes you smile!  Your journal writing prompts don't always have to be something that is weighing on your soul.

60. For the health of it, what do you need to change? Ask your Journal Therapist for some guidance. Set a goal. Make a plan together.

61. Discuss with your Journal: How to start opening the gifts you've already got and stop whining about what you say you're not.

62. Dig out an old box that you had forgotten about and pick a random item. Write about what you've found, what memories the object brings back, even what you were like or remember going through during that time. Write about why it was important enough to keep, why it got packed away in the first place. Write about what you will do with it now. 
Heather http://lifeinpawprints.wordpress.com.

journaling ideas - snowy day63. Do something you've "always wanted to do" or have "been meaning to try." Take that risk: Ride the new amusement park ride, dine solo in a nice restaurant, get a massage, sing in public. Go for it. After you've done it, journal about it.

64. "I write entirely to find out what I'm thinking, what I'm looking at, what I see and what it means. What I want and what I fear." ~Joan Didion

65. When I have writer's block, I go to anyplace where I can find quotations. I find that quotations are the best jump-start prompts for me. I have used them for years. If that doesn't work, I knit or I watch mindless TV. Sometimes I just need to walk away for a while... ~ Thanks to Sue Branson Rawlings

66. "When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us". ~ Helen Keller

67. Lyrics make great journaling jumpstarters. Begin a journal writing session with "I'm that voice you're hearing in the hall and…"
Thank you Billy Joel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_XgQhMPeEQ

68. Before you go to bed tonight, do a Ten Minute Missive. Then, on a fresh sheet of paper, ask for some help on a problem. Fold it up and put it under your pillow. In the morning, notice how you're feeling. Make some musings in your Journal.  
~ Thanks to Ellen at Practicalastrologyandtarot for inspiring this tip. 

69.Our body is a wonderland but we treat it like a garbage can quite often, don't we? When you have a pain, notice how automatically you reach for the pill bottle. Next time you have a pain, reach for your journal before the pain pill and diagnose what your thoughts and feelings have to do with the message your body's sending you.

70. Have some fun with your Journal for a change! Lighten up. Chawoman looking at a map in venicenge venues. Take your Journal shopping. Sue Branson Rawlings enjoys taking her journal to Costco. "Sitting outside Costco watching people and writing about them...Now that's a real study  in the humanities..."

71.View your life from a broader perspective. Write in your journal using the third person and see how the story unfolds.

72.Take a page from the news. Use an intriguing headline as the opening sentence in your Journal. Something like: "Body 'missing at least one foot' found at golf course."

73.See what the characteristics of your astrological sign are. Agree? Disagree? Not Sure? Discuss it with your Journal and write up a horoscope for yourself. 

74. In your Journal, write on the right side page only---for a couple days, a whole week, an entire journal.
Here are some journal writing prompts suggested by some of our Facebook fans:

Lucie Forejtová- I used to write on the right side pages on purpose and at the end I turned the journal upside down and started writing on the other pages.
Henrietta Handy - I always write on the right side of my journal any more to save room for pasting things onto the left side of my journal or drawing. 

75. Set aside a quiet hour for You.  Use music, light candles, bring along a favorite cup of tea or.... Schedule it and put it on your calendar, if you need to. Date the page and answer the question, "Who am I today?" Have a heart-to-heart with your Self and write your musings on some loose sheets of paper.
When you're done, put your journaling in an envelope, seal and label it.  Mark your calendar for the future time and place of the Grand Opening!

76. Show up at your page and start your journaling with “When you show up......things happen!”  Thanks to Kelly Pettit for coming up with another cool Kellyism”.

don't have negative thoughts79. We all have the ANT (Automatic Negative Thoughts)* dis-ease. Choose an ANT that’s really bugging you, and make a plan with your Journal to become a more APT (Automatic Positive Thoughts) person. 
*From Dr. Daniel Amen’s book, ‘Change Your Life, Change Your Body’

80. Get a picture of the scariest monster you can find. Use your imagination and  "Dress Up" as that creature and tell your story to your Journal.

81. Work with your Journal on recalling the sights, sounds and smells of your most enjoyable holiday seasons. Bet you’ll get some ideas to use in managing yourself to a festive Yule this year!

82. Take a child's lullaby (like this one, maybe?), write your own lyrics to it and sing it to your Inner Kid. Journal about the experience....  

83. My journaling writing prompt: put on relaxing music without words. You can write down quotations or poetry from people that inspires you. You can also cut out pictures that are peacful or meaningful to you. ~ Debbie Lemelin

84. I'm A Writer? I'm A Writer. I am A Writer! Aren't I ? 
Good Journal conversation starter: How can you start believing in yourself?  
Thanks to Dave at www.bristolstrategy.com for inspiring this tip

85. One thing that I find helpful for me when I have an argument with someone or am upset with someone. I write a letter to them letting out all the anger inside out through my pen. Then I fold the letter into the journal (or it can be written directly into the journal). A week later see how much calmer you are. ~Julia Rosado

86. Pick up an old Journal of yours at random, read some and reflect some. Write about the experience. Thanks to Raymonde Savoie Johnson for inspiring this Journaling Tip with her Facebook post.

87. I love to add color and sketches. The color and the visual aspect add so much to my memories and creativity. On my website & blog site, for inspiration, I use a quote from the Spanish artist, Joan Miro as he wrote:

I try to apply colors
    like words that shape poems,
    like notes that shape music.

~ Patricia Anne McGoldrick

88. Write a letter to Santa about all your wishes, hopes, goals and plans with a return receipt requested. Then pen a letter from the Holly Jolly Main Man describing how to get all of the above.Journaling

89. Remember...Write...Reflect. Think back over this past year. Make a list of things that happened. Then take one of the happenings and reflect on the learnings therein.

90. In 'Hamlet' Polonius said, "Brevity is the Soul of Wit".  Work with your Journal and come up with your theme (1-3 words max) for the New Year. This will give you a focus to your goal setting process.

91. When someone tells you to "Get a Life", how does that make you feel?  Work with your journal and see if you resemble that remark.

92. Write down the letters of the alphabet. One letter, one line. Then go back and quickly write down the first word that comes to you when you see each letter. No thinking, just writing. Finally, go back and pick a word or words that speak to you.  Circle them and journal about them.

93. Start your journaling with the sentence, Why can't we just get some tattoos or something? and finish the entry with, The ringmaker will be here in ten minutes.
                                                                       from the book 'UNJOURNALING'

94. Take all the time you want to create a “To Stop Doing” List. You might start off your Journaling with “I Can’t Stand It When I…” and do some free writing. When you are satisfied with your list, prioritize it and work with your Journal on #1.

95. Bring your Inner Kid into the conversation and tell your Journal, "When I grow up, I wanna..."

Journaling Tips97. No, I can't forget tomorrow, When I think of all my sorrow When I had you there but then I let you go, And now it's only fair that I should let you know, What you should know... And what would that be? Maybe Harry Nilsson can give you some words. 

98. When you start your daily Journaling, after you write down the day's date, do you address your Journal in a certain way (Dear _____)?  Pass your Journal a note and ask him/her what his/her name is?  When you have the answer, begin your journal entries with "Dear ___". Write fast and free and you'll go places you never thought could be!   Inspired by 'Writing Down Your Soul' - Janet Conner

99.What's your favorite toy? Visit a toy department and see which item chooses you. Bring it home with you and introduce it to your Journal and vice versa

100.When you need a journaling jumpstart, discuss and debate where all the words come from. Is "Journal Writing the channeling of universal energy?"

101. When I sit down to write I know it will not be seen by anyone.After I get out what is on my mind I decide what color to paint the page.I sometimes press some designs into the wet paint. Like bubble wrap or I take a toothbrush and spatter another color on top of the first.

Then I look for the picture that has something to do with my feelings underneath the paint. For instance I had found a picture in a magazine that showed a little girl really angry.  I put that picture on with this quote: “Anger has a way of evaporating in the face of compassion". I'm not always angry I have cheerful ones too. HA-HA.  Annie Larsen

102. Sit down someplace quiet with your Journal. Close your eyes and take as many breaths as your body asks you to take. Just hang out together. Chill. Rest assured that doing nothing doesn't mean nothing's doing.

103. Come to your senses and use only your fingers to write in your Journal.  WriteON! 

104.  Write for a set amount of time. Start the stopwatch, and you write that whole time! Write upside down, write sideways, write big or small, use different colours, write from your heart, or write a quote. JUST DO NOT STOP WRITING! Write as fast as you can. Write the thought process you have while staring at the page! Don't miss one word! When the stop watch stops, close the journal and walk away.  I do this for 15 minutes usually. It's exhausting, but worth it! I still have some that I haven't read! ~ Mazie Bishop

105. Each April, for several years now, Poetry Month has a designated special day to customize a poem to fit your pocket. Ideas found at Poets.org.
Lately with iPhones, Blackberry and other portable devices, many poems are available online; however, this Thursday, make a special effort to make a copy of one of your favourite poems. Tuck it into a pocket and take it with you to look at, even to share and compare. Surprise family or friend with a small poem for their suit or uniform or denim pocket!  A pocketful of poetry-bliss! Happy National Poetry Month from Patricia Anne McGoldrick!Journaler

106. We stress and strain and fight ourselves on so many things. What if we tried something new? Entertain new thoughts with your Journal about dealing with yourself not always dumping on Your Self.

107. What does your Journal have to say about this doctor's prescription?

108. Ever feel that you're just writing for the sake of writing or going over the same territory time and time again? Start a new page, date it and ask your Journal a question like "I'm stuck. What do I do now?" or "How do I get my act together and take it on the road?" Start your questions with "What" or "How".

109. Pretend you're journaling as someone you're angry with. What are they thinking and feeling about you? What do they wish you understand about their point of view.  ~Kim White  www.webdesignforwriters.com

110. Go to our Journal Prompts page, close your eyes and scroll down until it feels right to stop. Open your eyes, and use that prompt to jumpstart your Journaling today.  

111. Begin a Journaling entry with: The lies you tell yourself are the hardest to forgive. ~Kim Moss 

112. With your right hand, ask the left (female) side of your body how it is feeling and take a page to free write her response. Then using your left hand, ask the right (male) side of your body how he's feeling and take a page for his response. Then read, reflect and/or write about the experience.  

Journaling Reasons113. I've got a little one that's my Gift List Journal. I make sure to write down when I gave the gift, too. If more than one person is going to get a thing, that thing is written at the top of the page, then who is listed under that. I write by their name when I gave it. Other pages have on their top line who I'm giving to. This is where I write what I'm going to give them. Not everyone will get this item. If it's good for more than one person/family, I can write it on their page, too.  ~Natalie Butler

114. Think of your journal as a collage, rather than a series of snapshots. Layer experience on experience on event in the order in which they have the most impact, rather than as they actually happen. ~Mary Cook

115. Keep some coloured pencils with your journal in case you have an emergency writing attack and it needs colouring! I put a small journal and several coloured pencils in my purse or knitting bag.  ~Jamie Ledford 

116. Write a letter to yourself at a specific age, talking to yourself as if you were talking to a child on that level so you could learn something from yourself but ease the pain    ~Missy Kennedy-Robinette 

117. Of late I have now destroyed my old Journals and started a positive story in the moment, getting the life and growing in the right direction. All my journals started when I read the book, 'Time to Write to Yourself.'   ~~ Rhonda Williams  

118.Take the phrase "Create ______ Write Now", put in the word(s) that feel write and journal on!   

119. Listen to some 70s or 80s Rock n Roll. Pick a line(s) to jumpstart your journaling. How about: There ain't no Coupe de Ville hiding at the bottom of a crackerjack box (Meatloaf) or And I don't know how you do it, making love out of nothing at all (Air Supply) or Instead of being my deliverance, she had a strange resemblance to a cat named Frankenstein (Cat Stevens)

120.Changes in the atmosphere, the environment, in time happen first in nature. Write down the changes you notice. Or take a photograph. Add the date and time, if it's important. You will begin to feel deeply connected to a force much bigger than you that is also part of you.
You can notice seasons long before the calendar does, just by being outside and paying attention. For example, I stood outside on my patio, and took a photo of my yard, facing East. Then, on the 10th of each month, I put a dot on the photograph where the sun rose on that day. At the end of a year, I saw how the sun moved North starting in January, hit the Northernmost point in June, and then back toward the South. My figs ripened two weeks later this year than last. You can keep a separate nature journal or keep it in your daily journal.  ~Quinn McDonald www.quinncreative.com

121. What are some new ways you can forgive yourself? What haven't you forgiven yourself for in the past, and why? How can you renew your forgiveness for something that was difficult to forgive? Write about the kindest possible things you can do for yourself in ways you never have before. ~~Lauren Piko

122. Journaling is a great place for negative data dumping but sooner rather than later, we need to get back to our positively present self. End a session with an action thank you. You could start with something like "Thanks for listening Journal. You rock. I'm off to a great night's sleep" or to visit my favorite________ or to work on my goals or...."   Your choice always.Journaler

123. I'm catching up on your blog posts, Mari, and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed "write your own letter of recommendation." It gave me another idea, too. I keep a file of letters of recommendation, annual reviews, and thank you notes that I've received over the years. Your post prompted me to "mine" for material there; it reminds me that I was/am good at what I do/did, and that I added value or touched someone in a special way. It's all too easy to forget. That dang inner critic can be so loud!  ~Sharon Netzley

124. Read some journaling articles at The Journal Writing Blog.  Mine our blog articles for other journal writing prompts you can use to get inspired!

125. What is the most powerful "wow moment" you have experienced in your lifetime? Write about it and relive it as a positive journal therapy activity. Here's the Blog article from whence this tip came:     Journal Therapy: What's Your WOW Moment? 

126. Draw Your Inner Critic! Once you see what's really going on inside then you can start to deal with "It!" Based on a recent guest blog post I did on "Are You Listening to Your Inner Coach or Inner Critic?" Kim came up with a great Journaling IdeaI'm going to draw what my inner critic looks like in my journal (think middle-aged high school gym coach, chewing gum, wearing sweats, a baseball hat that sits too high on his head, whistle around his neck, big insensitive jerk) and then I'll add the things he says around the picture of him. ~Kim White www.webdesignforwriters.com  

127. Journalers hit "rough patches" and "stucky situations". Maybe you're frustrated that you can't get into deeper levels of your self; maybe you want to stop covering the same territory over and over and get some new material. Have a heart to heart with your Journal: write it a letter, ask for some ideas, guidance and adult supervision. Write FAST!   

128. How many times have you said, "Oh, I'm not an Artist!"  Write a letter to your Inner Artist and find out why you always keep doing that.   

129. Who makes you laugh? Why? Write about what makes him/her tickle your funny bone. Do you see any of your self therein?

130. In your Journal, write your name in capital letters in a vertical line down the page. For each letter of your name, write down a positive quality or attribute you possess. Go ahead...do it for your whole name. Dare ya!

from 'Peace of Mind and Body: 27 Days of Journaling to Health and Happiness'

celebration cupcake131.Get out your journal. Think about something you really want. Now journal about what you're willing to sacrifice to get it. Write until you have sparkling clarity. Write until you are fully committed. Own the sacrifice. And begin.  ~Kristin Donovan 

132. What's Working Well in Your Life today? Write a double digit list (minimum 10) and you'll see that health and happy have lots to say!

133. Select a quote you love. Read it. Savor it. Write about it. #17 from 'Mari's Most Musefull Journaling Tips'

134. Pick a quote you disagree with and write about why you disagree and what you'd say instead. ~Kim White 

135. Journal to observe and reflect on the things you see in your day to day life. What stories can emerge? What emotions? ~Mary Jo Campbell

136. Life isn't about what you have; it's about what you have to give" ~Oprah. What is the best Christmas gift You ever gave?

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