Top 5 Ways to Get Inspiration and Achieve Your Goals in Life

    Robert Faulkner September 27, 2021

    There are good and bad phases in life. There are times we feel inspired, loaded with creative ideas of the best ways to attract your perfect match on one of the best hookup sites, how to improve our lives or create a revolutionary startup. Also, sometimes, we feel a lack of inspiration and passion for virtually everything in life.

    Inspiration, by definition, is the state of feeling mentally stimulated and motivated to do something creative or achieve a new goal. Inspiration is synonymous with being creative, ingenious, and enthusiastic about something. And when you feel a lack of creativity and zest, some inspiration can bring back the fire you need to be successful or achieve your purpose in life. Here are the top 5 tips to keep you inspired and motivated towards pursuing your passions and goals in life even when the odds are stacked up against you:

    1. Read Inspirational Quotes and Motivational Books

    No matter how excited or passionate you might be about a new business idea or a new goal in life, there are times you feel your determination and drive lagging. In such moments, all you

    need to remain motivated in life is to expose yourself to inspiring words and quotes on a daily basis.

    Inspiration quotes tend to provide the spark of passion you need to buckle down and crank out the work needed to achieve your goals. Write down inspirational quotes on sticky notes or stick printed copies on your computer, around your desk, or on the fridge. Read books that inspire and motivate you, like inspirational autobiographies, biographies, or even fictional books that uplift you.

    Other sources of inspiration you may want to consider include blogs, forums, magazines, music, people you meet, and online success stories of individuals who overcame challenges in life to reach their goals. Allow yourself to be inspired by other people’s accomplishments and victories. Use that inspiration to work towards achieving your success.

    2. Make a List of Your Reasons

    t’s easy to lack inspiration and get blown off course in today’s demanding and distracting world. And to make sure you don’t lose sight of your goal in life, it’s important to create a list of reasons why you want to accomplish the goal. Write a detailed list of the reasons behind a new project or goal to help you recognize why you want to keep going.

    Understanding the meaning and benefits of a goal or task gives you the needed inspiration to be more invested and enthusiastic. Use that inspiration to put in the extra work and hours to pursue and achieve your big goals in life. Whenever your motivation dries up, meditate on

    those reasons for a quick hit of inspiration. Internalize those reasons and expand upon them to acquire the inspiration you need to take action and reach your dreams.

    3. Expand Your Knowledge and Associate with Inspiring Individuals

    If you’re determined to have a particular skill or talent, it’s important that you go the extra mile to acquire the necessary knowledge. Join different online classes covering the topic to expand your knowledge and add different expertise to your list, boosting your creativity and allowing you to find inspiration.

    Check out different architectural and interior designs online to inspire your imagination, whether you’re looking for art inspiration, design inspiration, or bedroom inspiration for your dream home. When your creativity runs dry, switch gears and try something different. This can help you discover new passions. Even if you don’t become an expert in the new field, you might find new connections and inspirations from the new art you’re learning.

    Additionally, associate with creative and inspiring individuals. Learn from like-minded people to help overcome obstacles in your journey to success. Having the right people can also help trigger a spark of inspiration within you and motivate you to believe in yourself, empowering you to achieve your goals.

    4. Learn From Mistakes

    Most times, we don’t want to take a risk or pursue a new goal or project if it doesn’t pay off. However, the fear of making mistakes and failure can often keep you from finding inspiration. Also, the fear of doing something wrong usually stifles your creativity, removing your options and taking away possibilities.

    Working through fear can help you step outside your comfort zone, push your creative boundaries, and achieve inspiration. Embracing mistakes allows you to find inspiration and opens the door to new possibilities, allowing you to take your creativity to the next level. Learning from your mistakes can help you have a different approach to a particular situation.

    In your journey to becoming successful, you’re likely to make mistakes, and not getting rid of them early enough can lead to a lack of inspiration and not achieving your dreams. Therefore, you need to learn how to embrace and learn from your mistakes and failures to stay inspired and motivated to achieve your life goals.

    5. Exercise, Meditate and Play to Find Inspiration

    Sometimes all you need to awaken inspiration and creativity is to leave what you’re doing and let your mind and body distress and decompress. Get up and get outside, take a walk and spend time in nature. Visit an inspiration point and enjoy the sweeping views of awe-inspiring landscapes. This allows you to feel inspired and relax your mind.

    While you’re the inspiration, carving out time to practice meditation can help your mind relax and generate more creative ideas. The good thing is that you don’t need any special training to practice meditation. Find a quiet place to sit and focus on breathing in and out deeply and slowly with your eyes closed. Allow your mind to wander and visualize yourself reaching your goals in life.

    Another effective way to decompress and play is to engage in some relaxing and fun activity. This can be woodworking, coloring books, and painting, among many others. This way, you give your mind a chance to rest and get a boost of inspiration.


    You’re the inspiration, and true motivation comes from within you. Achieving your goals in life starts with checking how you approach different situations, learning from your failures, and taking action. Now that you know how you can find inspiration, always practice gratitude, be passionate about what you do, and never get comfortable with what you’ve achieved.

    Incorporate these inspiration tips into everyday life to stay motivated even in difficult times. What other ways do you find inspiration and stay motivated? Let us know in the comment section.

    Robert Faulkner

    Author bio: Robert Faulkner is a child and family psychologist. Robert's hobby is traveling around the world. He visited many countries in Europe and America. Robert is very fond of mountains, virgin nature and tea by the fire. He has conquered many peaks and dreams of conquering Everest.



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