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The Best Online Testing Tools to Hire Remote Workers

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Tom Siani January 20, 2023

Today, about 56% of companies worldwide are doing remote jobs. Even more appealing, 16% of organizations are entirely remote. 

Working from home was rare, even in the previous decade. But after the COVID pandemic, businesses and organizations mainly concentrated on remote hiring. They understood the value of identifying and considering more than local talents, which brought them great success.

If you think about doing the same for your company, you may need

some help. But fortunately, some online tools can help us and make the process easier and faster. 

Online testing tools weren't always a common thing. But, with everything changing online, the hiring process is rapidly evolving.

The truth is that more than an Excel sheet with a zoom call is needed to hire fit remote workers and offer a pleasing applicant experience. When you have a million tasks, you don't want to spend your time with dozens of candidates in a room for many hours. 

The days when recruiters had to sit down for hours to look at every resume and select the best applicant for the job are long gone. With many applications received for each job posting, it is exhausting to evaluate them individually.

The positive thing is that everything is more convenient these days. Fortunately, by using online hiring tools, HR managers can get the help they need for hiring candidates who want to work remotely. 

It is fantastic how the world has developed since the appearance of the internet. Online testing tools have simplified the hiring process. You can get excellent results without needing face-to-face evaluations and interview questions.

If you are still doing the old-fashioned way of hiring new employees, you must check out what these tools can do for you and your business. 

We have collected some of the best online testing tools to help you hire remotely. Below is the list of our suggested employment online testing tools for you to choose from.




This is one of the newest and, of course, the best pre-employment assessment tools out there. They claim that they help you hire the best staff for free. So you can hope that you'll take your hiring procedure to the next level to find the perfect employees for every position.

Key features:

  • Improving the quality of the hiring procedure

  • Free of unconscious bias

  • Reducing your time to hire the best employee

  • User-friend 




Applicants used Codility online testing platform in more than 1,000 companies in 62 countries to participate in coding assessments.

One of Codility's features is automatizing sourcing, screening, and interviewing.

Stephan Begall, the director of hiring, believe that Codility can accurately evaluate candidates' skill and develop their candidate's interactions and overall experience during the recruitment process. 




Testlify has mastered helping startups, and small companies make the best decisions for hiring candidates with talent.

Each test evaluates the quality of a candidate's performance based on their job skills, and professionals prepare a unique question bank for each candidate. By offering standard scores for various tests, they ensure all qualified candidates can reach the interview stage.




Devskiller provides developers with online interviews and screening in one platform. They offer the opportunity to test programming languages, libraries, and frameworks.

One of their features is a Test Wizard that can help you produce coding tests based on your job description to approve the coding skills you had in mind.


Mercer Mettl


Mercer Mettl gained an excellent reputation as an online testing platform in the employment market. This comprehensive tool help recruiters to evaluate the crucial skills of a potential candidate. This online platform has robust supervisory technology for evaluating candidates' skills and assessing their essential traits. 

This comprehensive tool can prepare the test for evaluating special skills, coding skills, personality traits, behavioral habits, communications skills, cognitive skills, and problem-solving skills. Many other tests are available on this online testing platform as well.




iMocha is an Al-powered online testing tool that immediately tests more than 2000 skills. Remote hiring has been simplified with iMocha. It has the most comprehensive skills library with more than 20 coding language tests, 500+ IT skills tests, 20+ domain skills, 50+ next-get skills, and 20+ cognitive skills. 

This tool provides the fastest customized skill assessment tests to evaluate all company's needs. It offers live interviews to check candidates' coding, analytical, and communications skills. iMocha also offers Al-powered insight and provides reliable skills proficiency reports.




Hireselect is the best online testing tool for web-based testing. This platform has different aptitude tests. It also offers basic skill tests (typing, numeric entry, and personality tests). This online testing tool is appropriate for both big and small companies.

HireSelect provides assessments of more than 1100 positions, from correctional officers to loan managers, human resource managers, warehouse managers, etc.




Koru provides companies with a 20-minute time-limits online test to measure candidates' rank on seven vital soft skills: ownership, curiosity, courage, polish, teamwork, impact, and hardship. Candidates answer different question types about previous experience, work style, and work scenarios. 

Then all candidates are ranked next to each other by algorithms to compare their scores. Employers or recruiters can select top-performing applicants for the next interview stage. 




HackerRank is an online assessment tool that helps companies hire and interview candidates applying for technical positions. Companies can evaluate each developer's creative skills at each hiring process step. 

It also has a dashboard and virtual whiteboard to rank applicants based on their test performance and skill level.




At Kandio, you'll find tests created by the best experts in various technologies. You can choose assessments designed by the central JavaScripters team members or the great LinkedIn entrepreneurs. Or many other fields and specialties. Kandio is a fully organized marketplace for experts to publish their assessment tests.


To Sum it Up

Online testing tools can help you eliminate biases that found their way into the hiring process. These platforms can help you to make a fair decision which can cause more successful long-term results. For businesses that feel vulnerable in the legal field, online testing tools and the data they create can make hiring more arguable in court.

Online tests have gotten much attention in this field over the past few years. These tests seem simple for some applicants. But whether you are looking to hire accountants, salespeople, architects, or HR specialists, you should give online testing tools a chance.

Online testing tools are an excellent method to hire qualified and worthy applicants and, at the same time, save time, cost, and resources. Pre-employment online testing tools offer an organized hiring process that lets employers hire potential candidates.  

These tools can provide the following:

  • Automatic candidate notification

  • Extensive screening to evaluate the skills and knowledge of candidates

  • Simplify data collection

  • Improving productivity for employers

  • Finding potential applicants with top personality traits

  • Better feedback to develop techniques

  • Higher level of applicant engagement

The tools mentioned can help gather insights, reports, and videos to make sure talented candidates can bring success to the company. Also, they assist managers in making wiser and better decisions when hiring candidates.


Tom SianiAuthor bio:  Tom Siani is an online marketing expert with over 6 years of experience in the digital industry. He is collaborating with some well-known brands to generate traffic, create a sales funnel and increase online sales. He has written a considerable number of articles about social media marketing, brand marketing, blogging, search visibility, etc.





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