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The 10 Best Websites for Learning Something New

Andrew B. Mazur November 24, 2021

It's almost that time of the year when we make resolutions to bring positive change into our lives. Welcoming growth and embracing the newness is always both excelling and challenging. Whether you want to get fitter, learn a new language, gain a skill, or start traveling the world more, the websites that we will cover today have more to offer in a single place than any physical class could.

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1. CreativeLive

As the name suggests, CreativeLive is the world’s top creative education platform that has online classes in spheres like design, photography, technology, and more. Whether you are practicing any of them as a hobby or pursuing them as a serious career option, CreativeLive will provide you with the tools to excel at them for only $13 per month. With websites like this, I can now write my dissertation online, paint an oil portrait, make a website, and do even more with excellent expert help. https://www.creativelive.com/


2. Investopedia

If you’ve ever been curious to learn how to invest in the financial market, Investopedia is the website for you. This platform educates beginners in essentials like economics, corporate finance, portfolio management, and many more. There are popular courses in trading, investing, and technical analysis of the market. You can pursue a professional career as a trader and investor by joining Investopedia Academy. https://www.investopedia.com/


3. Duolingo

This interactive, user-friendly website is one of the best ones on the market for language learning. Duolingo also has a mobile application that you can install to learn 30 languages on the move. Users can create a profile and compete with their friends on the app. This encourages quicker, motivated learning, and allows students to stay interested in their course. https://www.duolingo.com/


4. edX

MIT’s brainchild, edX, is the world’s top online learning website that offers thousands of courses in a wide variety of disciples. Passionate learners can now access over 3000 specialized courses taught in the most prestigious institutions around the world. Many of these courses are free for students to use.

Students can get a lot from such resources. They also sometimes need help with their writing and look for tools to check for plagiarism and review their work. LetsGradeIt and other similar websites can do just that and more for any student. https://www.edx.org/


5. Lonely Planet

If you love to travel but aren’t sure where to start, Lonely Planet is the perfect place for you. This online travel guide publisher is known worldwide for its reliable guide books that advise new travelers on how to save money and travel smart. A lot of adventurers plan trips and create itineraries using the website’s guides. https://www.lonelyplanet.com/


6. Skillshare

Skillshare is a highly engaging website and mobile application that helps inquisitive learners gain skills in a variety of areas. Some of these are tech, art, health, DIY crafts, and more. Tutors with an arsenal of skills record well-curated lessons for students, some of whom are beginners. Students can interact with fellow learners and complete projects in groups to learn better. You can now learn how to create a website using Skillshare. https://www.skillshare.com/


7. Calm

Calm is a mindfulness platform that teaches people to be more in sync with themselves and develop better sleep habits. Their mission is to help you heal and improve your health and happiness. The app does this by asking you to fill out a quiz when you install it, assesses your needs and problems based on your answers, and offers you practical solutions for them. https://www.calm.com/


8. Scribd

Scribd is a book subscription website where you can access an unlimited amount of content. The content available on the application are books, magazines, audiobooks, and more. It has over 60 million documents that you can access by paying a menial monthly fee. You can also try out Scribd’s free first-month trial on the website. Get into the habit of reading using Scribd. https://www.scribd.com/


9. Treehouse

Treehouse has expert coders and veterans in the programming field teaching beginners how to code, program, and design. There are a great number of useful courses for intermediate coders and advanced learners as well. The course library, comprising web design and development lessons, is constructed to educate beginners who want to work in the tech industry. You can try the 7-day free trial to see if it’s a good fit for you. https://teamtreehouse.com/


10. Drawspace

Drawspace is the world’s leading art community, created by leaders in the industry to educate artists of all levels. The lessons on the platform are free to download and have detailed steps and processes that artists using it can learn from. Some of these lessons are also printable. Millions of students and teachers swear by the website for their art lesson needs. https://www.drawspace.com/



Now that you’ve gone through this list of the different websites that you can visit to learn something new, all that’s left to do is to decide which one you’re going to pick. Interested in studying history? edX has thousands of lessons in the subject. Want to learn how to design posters? Skillshare and CreativeLIVE may have just what you need. Decide what you want and start off this new year with a new passion!


Andrew B. MazurAuthor bio:  Andrew B. Mazur is a highly skilled freelance writer and a journalist. He is interested in education technologies and is always ready for informative speaking. In his free time, Andrew is interested in reading various blog posts about artificial intelligence, tech tools and development. He always wants to spread his knowledge. Follow him on Twitter https://twitter.com/andrewamazur