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Surprisingly Easy, Eye-Catching Personalized Journals You Can Make for (Almost) Free

Sari Cada January 25, 2023

Journaling can help to reduce stress, boost your mental well-being, and provide you with a way of processing your emotions. It can also provide space between you and your negative thoughts, deepen your self-discovery, and help you to determine the next steps you want to take in your life or with a specific issue. 

You should get started by writing whatever comes to your mind each day. The more you write in your journal on a daily basis, the more the process can help you with your inner and outer journey through life. 

But before you begin jotting down your thoughts and feelings, you need to have a journal to write in. And the more customized and eye-catching your journal is, the more you will

think of it as a special and personal item. In turn, you’ll feel more connected to your journal and be in a better place to freely express yourself. 

If you make a journal yourself, you might even like your design so much that you start making and selling journals!

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Make a Journal from Scratch

The more time and effort you put into making your own personalized journal, the closer a connection you will have with it. So, look up online tutorials on how to bind books. You could sew, glue, or staple blank pages together. 

Then, look at how to make a sturdy cover. For instance, you could cut a quality piece of cardboard to size and then glue a paper cover that you have previously designed to the cardboard. 

You could also use other materials for your cover. For example, you might like to choose a leather cover or a bamboo cover. All you need to do after making your cover is attach the pages. 

If you already have materials like paper and cardboard, making a journal from scratch doesn’t have to cost you anything. And if you do need to buy some materials, the cost will be minimal. 


Buy a Notebook and Transform it Into a Journal

If you feel you don’t have great crafting skills, you can simply buy a ready-made journal or notebook and personalize it by adding your own eye-catching cover. You could use a book that is ruled, blank, or divided into calendar days. 


Use an Online Service to Create Your Bespoke Journal

You probably know that you can find customizable home photo calendars online that you personalize by adding your own photos, layouts, backgrounds, and text. Well, you can also find online services that enable you to create personalized journals. 

Using readymade templates, you can customize them however you like to make an eye-catching journal that’s personal to you. 

The cost may be a little higher than other options, but using an online service to create a bespoke journal can still be very affordable. It’s also one of the easiest options available for making a personalized journal. 


Creating Your Cover

The cover of your journal is the thing that you will want to customize the most. Using your own personal taste, you can create one-off designs. The number of design options is limitless. You could draw directly onto the cover or you could create a digital cover design that you print out. 

For the latter, simply use free editing photo software. You could create a uniform design, which could be a floral pattern or a design that features pictures of animals, for instance. Alternatively, you could create a collage and include lots of different motivational images and inspiring quotes. 

You have full control over the design of a journal cover. And if you really get into the design aspect, you might even like to come up with eye-catching journal cover designs that you can add to other journals to sell on eCommerce platforms. 


Make a Digital Journal

Writing in a physical journal can help you to form a stronger bond with your journal and write more freely about your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. But there’s nothing wrong with using a digital journal. 

Whether you keep a digital journal in the cloud or on your laptop, it will always be easily accessible. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about making more journals after you fill up your first one. Digital journals can have limitless pages. 

Plus, you can personalize them just as easily as you would physical journals. Another advantage of making a digital journal is that it doesn’t have to cost you anything at all. 

Whether you create a journal in something like a Word document or use an online template, a digital journal is quick and easy to create. And if you prefer typing rather than writing by hand, a digital journal is the way to go.


Personalize the Interior of Your Journal

Whether you opt for a physical or digital journal, you can personalize the interior by adding little touches, such as stickers or pictures. You can also use color to make your journal more vibrant. 

For instance, you could use colored pages with motivational illustrations to mark the beginning of each new month. 

The personal design touches are very much up to you. You could decorate your journal with pictures of unicorns, photos of pets, images that will make you laugh, or classy patterned designs; whatever makes the journal more personal to you.


The Takeaway

The more effort you put into designing and making a personalized journal, the more you’ll want to use it each day to record your thoughts, emotions, and ideas. It will become your personal safe haven where you have the freedom to share your innermost feelings. 

And, as we have seen, making a journal is surprisingly easy and it doesn’t have to cost much at all. In fact, you may even be able to make your journal for free. 

So, to recap, you could:

  • Learn how to make a journal from scratch by viewing online tutorials.

  • Buy a notebook and transform it into a journal by adding your own cover design and other personal touches.

  • Use an online service to create a bespoke but professional-looking journal.

  • Use your design skills to create a personalized cover for your journal.

  • Make a digital journal, so you can access it anytime and anywhere.

  • Personalize the interior of your journal to make it even more bespoke.


Author bio:  Sari Cada




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