Social Anxiety- 7 Tips To Increase Self-Confidence

    Rebecca Grey October 27, 2021

    Mental health governs the psychological pathways and makes way for salubrious physiological functioning. If you experience frequent anxiety attacks, the mental issues might reflect on the physical sphere sooner or later. Also, social anxiety often leads to daily struggles in terms of communication, work performance, and holistic well-being. With the right lifestyle modifications, you can tackle social anxiety issues.

    All you need to do is control your mind and focus on one task at a time. Read on to know some valuable tips that accelerate your self-confidence levels in no time.

    1: Try Herbal Supplements


    Herbal therapy is set to take over the medicinal world due to the lack of side effects and potent therapeutic aid. You can try certain herbal supplements to manage the after-effects of social anxiety. Also, the tinctures like kratom or mitragyna ease anxiety levels due to their action over the opioid receptors. Before purchasing the supplement, you must check the 3 Strain Variety Pack available in Canada. The herb reduces your heart rate, curbs faster breathing, and manages restlessness. Not to forget, supplements can lower down the risk of developing depression and mood disorders.

    You may couple up the kratom supplements with other anxiolytic herbs like chamomile, valerian, and lavender. Make sure to consult your doctor regarding the dosage at the time of administration.


    2: Try Breathing Exercises


    Social anxiety alters your breathing rate and makes it faster than usual. Such breathing changes alter the oxygen perfusion and, in turn, increase the chances of panic attacks. If you’re predisposed to social anxiety, you must try effective deep-breathing techniques. From the top-notch breathing control of pursed-lip breathing to the meditative effects of breath focus, you can try it all.

    Try experimenting with some breathing techniques and figure out the one that works best for your body. That way, you can improve blood pressure regulation, reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, and curb the effects of social anxiety.


    3: Move For A While

    Apart from the breathing exercises, you can opt for muscle-strengthening exercises as well. There’s ample evidence that exercises lower the risk of mental health issues like anxiety. Also, physical activity triggers the release of endorphins that boost your mood. You can opt for the yoga sessions or head out for a quick jog. Along with this, progressive muscle relaxation may strengthen the musculature and prevent social anxiety.

    All you need to do is flex and release various muscle groups for a few minutes. While releasing, visualize letting go of the troublesome thoughts that trigger anxious scenarios.


    4: Plan Beforehand

    Anxiety can make your daily life activities a lot more complex than usual. However, you can plan and prepare yourself before diving into the scenario. For all the people suffering from social anxiety, sudden plans or events can be overwhelming. Hence, you need to give your mind some time to process and prepare for the upcoming events. Try doing some meditation or read about the event before leaving the house. That way, you are less likely to face unexpected situations or anxiety related to it.


    5: Give Up On Perfectionism

    One of the significant reasons behind social anxiety is the perfectionistic attitude. Before diving onto the journey towards overcoming anxiety, you must give up on perfectionism. Realize the fact that perfection is a myth, and no individual is perfect, no matter what. Once you accept that perfection is impossible and strive for excellence, life might get a lot easier. Along with this, it is likely to enhance your work performance and help you grow. Set realistic goals and strive to achieve extra daily to accomplish excellence instead of perfection.


    6: Refrain From Harmful Coping Strategies

    Most people with social anxiety end up diving deeper into the vicious trap of substance abuse or addictions. If you suffer from restlessness in social settings, you might want to avoid harmful coping strategies. Excessive alcoholism may lower the worry for the time being, but it alters your physical pathways later. Further, it can predispose you to even more anxiety and reduce confidence levels in the advanced stages.

    Try to channelize your worrisome thoughts into something positive and productive. Some positive coping mechanisms are eating a healthy meal, heading out for a walk, or spending time amidst nature.


    7: Practice Kindness


    There’s no doubt about the fact that doing something nice for others instils a sense of accomplishment. You can counter social anxiety and feel more confident by helping those in need. Also, selfless acts might reduce the worrisome thoughts and ease down the anxiety. Such acts transform the social scene around you to a positive and tranquil one. Further, it can prevent awkward social interactions and make you much more light-headed than before.

    Final Words

    Health isn’t just about appearing healthy or being free of diseases. Some mental disorders manifest only after reaching the advanced stages, and social anxiety is one of them. While the issue doesn’t affect your cognitive functions, it can alter your daily life up to a great extent. Talking to your peers or enjoying formal parties might seem like a burden when you have social anxiety. However, you can counter the restlessness with minimal lifestyle changes and activities. Incorporate an exercise routine and practice deep breathing exercises. Also, you can prepare yourself for the worst outcomes and plan before the social settings.


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