Let Journaling Help/Motivate You on Your Hard Days

Author - Amanda Jerelyn
Published - November 4, 2019

On hard days, it’s tough to do things you often do, and you have to do while knowing the best for you and still not enough to do it actually. Factually, even after having dreams and hopes, life always ends up differently, getting in the way.


We have obligations and have to earn our livings through it. However, at the end of the day, struggles don’t fuel us the energy required to motivate and pursue our dreams. If you end up to this post, you have probably tried to change that many times before. Hence, if nothing seems to work, including motivational quotes, role models, inspiring books, and lovely videos, let us give you a chance of change your life with journaling.

Motivation starts within

Breathtaking adventures, awe speeches, and mesmerizing pictures with pep talks will not work if you don’t have a deeper purpose in your life. It just needs an inner shakable force to drive you to the place of certainty and wisdom. Fortunately, the energy is not difficult to awaken. Actually, it is dying to hear from you and need to get heard too. All you need to do is to listen carefully. 

Reasons first, answers last

The main reason of demotivation and feeling drained is that sometimes we don’t have an idea to get motivated. Journaling gives you a soulful purpose of why you want to write?

Maybe it gives you a reason because you want to share your story with the world or just need to get listened; to, inspire people, or even to get inspiration from them.

Nonfiction writing, a podcast, a movie, or even journaling for your inner peace with letting everything out will lead to you to have a better view of the world. Hence, get your reason to start first and then answer your challenges one by one.


Getting to a deeper purpose

The most useful aspect of journaling is to keep a track of your goals and performances. Write a goal in your journal and give a week to process it. Achieving a small goal will motivate you on your hard days.

Make them to excite you, set realistic goals (especially weight loss goals), and analyze how it is going to change your life and feel profoundly motivated and satisfied. After doing one, it’s time to move on to another.

Love and live with your goals

An ideal way to do it is to make your mind associate a pleasant feeling with your goal through writing. Here your journal plays a critical role. Go to those pages where you have written your goals and make them your source of inspiration. Moreover, you can make your writing mistake free with some authentic tools like  Grammarly, Twords, and Evernote so that on one day if you like it to get published, you will have it all ready with a concise personal statement service to showcase to the world.

Be creative and play with your goals, make a collage, draw doodles, and make it so amazing so that every time you open your journal, you feel happy, excited, and inspired. Pictures, affirmations, and quotes can also be used to explore well with them.

The fresh start effect

Researchers conclude that people are more likely to be motivated and committed to specific landmarks and resolutions. This is the reason why New Year’s Resolution is so popular. As it seems to be a new begging of a new chapter in the book of life. This effect is called the ‘Fresh Start Effect.’


It doesn’t have to necessarily a new year, Christmas, or a birthday resolution; however, it can be the beginning of the new month simply. Put your little sanctuary of inspiration in your journal into use. The only thing you need is to make a routine which activates the fresh start in you, keep a track, and spread your goal to trigger your unprecedented motivation.

Taking action

Journaling can encourage you to make your first step toward the achievement of your goals. And believe us; nothing is more effective than that. Do it before you can take yourself out of that impact.

Regardless of how small the action is, make sure to do something every day towards your goal. Track your progress and note your daily progress in your journal. You can also make a board or calendar to encourage yourself and fill it at the end of every day to make yourself happy.


Enough waiting, start writing

Lastly, if you have tried to get yourself motivated with unlimited failed attempts, just don’t think much. You don’t have to wait for more for a miracle. Instead, be a miracle to yourself and start writing today to rip the fruit of inspiration and motivation.

It’s just about creating the right circumstances to feel right and do right. Do what makes you motivated on your hard days, effortlessly. Instead of scaring off an upcoming obstacle, challenge yourself with your own settled goal every day and through it with positivity. Opportunities are endless; it just takes the right mindset to get over every negativity. Yes, you can do this, and we guarantee you will do it with a lot of fun. Good luck!



Amanda Jerelyn


Author bio:

Amanda Jerelyn is a qualified psychologist and an avid writer. She has a rich work experience of rehabilitation, training, writing and counseling. Currently, Amanda is working as an Associate Editor at King Essay.


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