Journaling Based on Your Enneagram

Author - Mari L. McCarthy
Published - April 20, 2022

What is an Enneagram? The official definition is a nine-sided figure used in a particular system of analysis to represent the spectrum of personality types. It's used as a method of describing patterns of how people interpret the world and manage their emotions. How does this relate to journaling? Journaling can be a very personal experience and understanding your own Enneagram can help you with your journal writing.

There is a great article written by Julianne Ishler which appeared in the March 27, 2022 edition of online magazine The Everygirl. We've provided a portion of Julianne's article with a link to the full version for you to read


Journaling has many benefits: It can reduce stress, improve mood, and help you process your deepest thoughts, emotions, and experiences. Perhaps the best part about journaling is that anyone can do it; you don’t need to be a writer or follow any rules. But there are many different methods, and it can be tricky to pick the right one you’ll stick with. That’s why we consulted the Enneagram to figure out what kind of journaling practice will resonate the most. Because each type has a specific healing journey and personality, some journaling practices may work better for other types.

Find the journaling practice recommendation for your Enneagram type below, keeping in mind that it’s exactly that—a recommendation. Journaling is highly specific to each individual and should be fun and empowering rather than something to put on your to-do list. It’s always a good idea to experiment and see what you like while using the Enneagram as a jumping-off point to inspire your growth.

You can read the rest of Julianne's article HERE

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