Journaling Power: How To Create The Happy, Happy Life You Want To Live started a movement. The 2nd book in the Journaling Power Trilogy, Heal Your Self With Journaling Power, Now On Sale, ignites a revolution!

MariHeadshotwith2BookHeal Yourself with Journaling Power is filled with moving personal stories that form a guide for maximizing your life-changing journaling power practice. Each story is followed by journaling prompts and helpful advice from people who have used their own journaling power to reduce stress, relieve physical pain, heal inner conflicts, improve relationships, boost memory, and gain clarity. 

The wisdom and lessons revealed in Heal Yourself with Journaling Power help you mitigate existing health problems; manifest everything you desire; create a new life story for yourself; fill your life with uplifting positive energy; and fully leverage the power of journaling to solve your most pressing problems so you can live your best life.

If you’re committed to stop running away from yourself and start living your life from your core—your universe of infinite possibilities—then you're ready to join the Heal Your Self With Journaling Power Revolution write now!


"The work Mari is doing is not only helping so many individuals but contributing to the growth of the modern field of positive is part of this holistic wellness and positive psychology revolution." – Paul B. Schlosberg, M.S. M.A. Professional Counselor and Wellness Coach 


“The most important lesson illustrated in Heal Your Self With Journaling Power is that anyone can enhance their health and wellbeing through the therapeutic power of expressive writing. This is the definitive book that shows you how. So just grab a pen and a pad of paper and do it!” – Mike Bundrant, Co-Founder,


Meet Casey Demchak, Copywriter and Consultant at, who shares his Affirmative Journaling method in Chapter 8 (Design Your Future) in Heal Your Self With Journaling Power



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